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El Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm

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Ja i mój mąż byliśmy tu trzy dni i świetnie się bawiłem. Obiekt dysponuje pięknych spacerów wiel tropikalnymi kwiatami od kiedy to był kwiat farm i drzewa ptaki, jaszczurki i żaby - śpiew. Pokój jest otwarty na świeże powietrze i balkon jest to idealne miejsce, aby tylko oglądać
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Odpowiedź od użytkownika jrbenitez (Owner) z obiektu El Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm
Odpowiedź udzielona 13 sie 2017
Thank you for staying with us, the balcony in your room 6 and the Tamarind Runners are waiting for your next visit. Great News Had three days of sun and was able to repave the road with poured concrete., YES !
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Na początek powiem to miejsce jest bardzo spokojne i dość. Tereny są ładne i dobrze utrzymane. Kwiaty są wszędzie i bardzo piękna. Wiem powiem ci o drogę cię do hotelu. tragiczne to jest straszne. Nigdy nie reklamowane. A może jest to moja wina, że nie robią moich badań. Jednak,
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Odpowiedź od użytkownika jrbenitez (Owner) z obiektu El Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm
Odpowiedź udzielona 12 sie 2017
Thank you for all the wonderfull observations you made of El Hotelito. Unfrtunately you decided to turn some eveents CAUSED by You into negative aspects . Ok ,lets say the thruth : - your taxi had completely worn tires, and decided not to go up the hill, actual words from taxi driver. Two, yes two other guests in regular cars, behind your taxi, got up the hill with no problems at all, yes you saw them as you were sitting in my very small Volvo c-30 sport car, coming up the hill with no problems at all.. -yes the amount of lugage you had was ridiculous,,,,,25 big pieces, yes I counted them as I was apalled. Humongous stroller, big,big car seat, many hard suitcases, boxes, , grocery bags, bag of ice,,,,,,it filled up he cargo area of a Toyota LandCruiser. Of a very nice guest, and no; no they did not get stuck in the road. - our gteat dinners are served at 7:30 pm and we notify all quests when the byffet is in place,,,,,,yes, we knocked on your door so you would come for dinner. But you preferred to stay in your room drinking wine and beers, and ame out at 9:15 pm, not 8:30 as you mentioned. Of course we charge a cover if you bring your beer or liquor in to our bar, - the seats of my car are white leather and no way you were going to put anythig in them other rhan your clean behnd. Maybe you should realize hat your incredibly oversized straller did not fit anywhere. - we love kid over 16 years.. I am sorry you decided to critize happenings which were caused by you, I tried to make you guys happy, but you decided to swim against the current.
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Na polnej drodze prowadzącej do Hotelito jest wyzwaniem. Padało i jeden z gości utknęła w błocie. Miał zadzwonić do przyprowadzeniu. Kolacja była dobra. Śniadanie było słabe, kawa była kiepska, bez ciasta, tanie bułeczki i dżem z mega-store. Ciśnienie wody jest problemem.
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Odpowiedź od użytkownika jrbenitez (Owner) z obiektu El Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm
Odpowiedź udzielona 18 sie 2017
The road to El Hotelito , is beautifull ,winding through rhe forest and you went through it with great ease in your regular car. The guest that drove into the ditch or gutter is a puertorrican artist which hppenned to come from a lunch celebration of his birhtday where he had some drinks and was singing and chatting as he made it up the hill and drove into the ditch,,,,nothiing to do with the condition of the municipal road. He called his road assistance co. Which pulled the car out and continued to El Hotelito , it was the joke of the night as he continued his celebration. Our breakfast , as advertised, is a continental breakfast, consisting of two MAYOR brand cereals, bananas, oranges, and apples, two kind of breads, cinnamon and 7 seed organic, and yes Mayor brand bagels, and Real butter, Cream cheese and two varieties of Jam. Yes , all bought fresh from local wholesale distributor .no we do not have pastries. You would have done us a great favor if , when you where here , you told us why the coffe was "lousy". It so happens that most of our guests compliment us on our 100% premium Puertorrican Coffe, brewed in a french press, minutes before being served. Again, why wait to leave to mention that water preasurre was an issue, we would have solved in seconds,,,,it so happens the shower head in your room was clogged, we cleared it and problem solved. Who told you there were no Trails ? Whe checking all guests are told about the four miles of trails, which we are very proud of and cost us a bundle to keep them mowed and manicured. Well at least you liked the dinner, but would have apprecited your review if you would have mentioned the grat memory foam mattress in your bed, the immaculate cleanliness, the beautifull original art and antiques.
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Mam mieszane recenzje. Samo miejsce jest tak wyjątkowy, gustownie urządzony, otwarty na zewnątrz. Nasz pokój miał piękny widok, bardzo wygodne łóżko, wszystko co trzeba. Po przeczytaniu opinii na temat drogi, była bardzo niezdecydowana co ale udało nam się z małym 4-cylindrowy
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Odpowiedź od użytkownika jrbenitez (Owner) z obiektu El Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm
Odpowiedź udzielona 5 maj 2017
Thank you very much for your review and liking El Hotelito. Sorry you think I an grumpy,,,,I am 67 years old, just underwent three, yes three retina reattachment operations in Miami and was helping my son, who had to run El Hotelito all hy himself for six weeks. All I ask iis some peace for my two Advil and my three cups of black cofee to kick in. Meanwhile I have to be watching over the breakfast buffet, to make sure there is plenty of everything for the enjoyment of ALL guests. Please be fair and understad your questions could have waited untill after breakfast when I stay in the reception area to help any guests and answer all questions. Thank you for mentioning your flip-flops, which most are slippery. You should have benn axtra carefull when going down the five entrance steps while carrying your two suitcases. Rafael, Te nicest most lovable Grumpy Old Man you will ever meet.
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Po pierwsze, to nie jest miejsce dla wszystkich. Jeśli masz tylko trochę w ciebie i chęci do zakochać się w to miejsce - to jest dla ciebie. Jeśli są bardzo konkretni i niechętny do jazdy - spędzać czas w hotelu w mieście z obsługi pokoju. Bardzo podobał nam się widok, ludzie,
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Profesjonalne zdjęcia zrobione na zlecenie redaktorów strony TripAdvisorEl Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm
The Room 7 at the El Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm
Profesjonalne zdjęcia zrobione na zlecenie redaktorów strony TripAdvisorEl Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm
The Room 5 at the El Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm
Lizard on the balcony rail.
View from room
Where is the nearest public beach
There is a hiking trail right at the side of the hotelito. It's just rained the night we stayed there so the trail is really muddy. I didn't go. Besides, mosquito is another issue deep in the forest. Honestly, I don't know how far it is to the waterfall. You might have to check the map. The temperature is pretty high but I highly recommend wear long sleeves due to the mosquito bites. Have fun there!
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I highly recommend a rental vehicle preferably a small USV or something with 4 wheel drive. This is a residential and remote property. While it is gorgeous and serene, I doubt taxis traverse up the hill to pick up and drop off guests. The road to the establishment is not paved nor very well maintained. The view at the top is worth the climb though.
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I believe their website states 24 hours. You can call or email them to notify. My notice was hours before dinner but the circumstance worked in my favor. The price range was 12-15 dollars pp. Drinks ranged between $3-8 per drink.
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Temperature wise it is cool enough. He might have trouble with the humidity though. Conditioned air is a lot dryer then humid typical rain forest air. It's that feeling of constant moist on the surface of your skin, which I didn't mind for one night.
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