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3912 N Hackbarth Rd, Janesville, WI 53548-8913
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I chose this hotel to live in for a month before I left town to start my business out of state. I didn’t care about any frills and just wanted to be as cheap as possible. Big mistake. It’s fine that things are run down; it’s what I expected. The people who manage the place are friendly enough and seem to try and please the owner (who lives on site), but it’s a mess. People smoking comes through all the ventilations, so if you don’t smoke, this is awful. All my things smelled like smoke and I would wake up being gassed by cig smoke. Overhearing short term guests, some are there on “vouchers” so you really have some desperate people there. Looks like half the people are drifters who live there full time. And the worst of it? There are leaks in the walls and floors. As I was packing up, I found $ 100s worth of my clothes were ruined, stained with mildew and stains picked up from the carpet that was soaked. Pics below. I have waited months for them to resolve this, requested $200 reimbursement for 5 dresses, and they are simply not interested. I guess they make enough $ on voucher clientele.
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Sadly this is my home now if you look at it like that the value is that they put a roof over the forgotten the homeless the families that been put out too the street. This place is more family like. This is not a day by day its a long term place for the unwanted. Evicted family's welcomed and I am grateful cause my son has a bunk bed I share a queen with wife we got full kitchen and bath. And its safe no hookers or dope dealers. Its no holiday inn but its home and we all support each other and our kids are safe.
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The rooms have no heat Except electric heaters. The freezer doesn't freeze. Microwave doesn't work very well. Quiet time is supposed to start at 10 pm but that's when a lot of the noise starts and managers won't answer the phone when you call to complain. And the Owners don't pay the electric bill on time so the electric company hangs disconnect notices on the doors of the people staying there.
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It has been several weeks since I stayed at the motel, I did this to give myself time to cool down and I suggest this to anyone who has had a bad experience. There are industry standards that a traveler should be able to expect and this motel met none of them. First and foremost, HEAT in the room, I had none and had to use a small space heater. I was sleeping in sweats, a hoody, and socks as it was below freezing. Eventualy I got another space heater from friends that were moving out. There was no room service, no towel exchange or toiletries. Even with a weekly rate you still get service once or twice a week. There was no hot water, you had to turn the handle all to way to hot, wait 5 minutes and hope it got hot enough to take a shower. The bed and pillows were very old, the tv was small and the microwave did't work. I have been as honest as I can be, this was a terrible experience.
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I paid for a week and left after the first nights stay. The room was so small I couldn't even put what little I had for cloths out of sight. The small refridge was frosted up so bad it didn't work properly and the bathroom sink was so small I could barly put both of my hands in it not to mention it was mostly stopped up. I pulled the stopper out to see if I could fix the problem and pulled out a glob of hair and other slimy crap. It about made me sick! As for the reviews that say this place has been remodeled, I think they must have stayed there twenty years ago. Saw no signs of that myself. Breakfast, what breakfast? Think the reviews that said breakfast was served were goofed on skunkweed! THey informed me after I checked in that there would be no maid service at all for the week and that the two towels in the room would have to be washed by me if I wanted clean towels for myself. REALLY! Also the single roll of toilet paper in the bathroom was all you were provided,however if you ran out before the week was up you could conveniently buy a roll in their office for a doller a roll. Give me a break.
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