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Jefferson Hunt Campgrounds

920 S 7450 E, Huntsville, UT 84317-9770
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We took the kids camping the July 15th weekend. I wasn't sure if we were going until the last minute. Camping in Utah is typically booked a few weeks ahead of your date so I knew I would be competing with walk up only spaces, and, since this was mid day Saturday, the Friday night campers had the jump on me. I recalled camping as Jefferson Hunt years before and was surprised that all 25 spaces are walk up only. We found one of two open spaces and took the shady one. It was beautiful. The area is near Pine View Reservoir so there are lots of tall cottonwoods and 4ft tall lush grass. The kids played their modified hide n seek in the grass. The campsite was very clean and well maintained. The grass was cleared/ mowed by the RV pad and picnic table. No litter was seen anywhere in the campground. The first service outhouses were cleaned at least 2x a day, but still stinky of course. Host couple were friendly and helpful. The cost was $20 a night. My golden access pass knocked it down by half. There are no utilities though, but it's camping, right? There was no noise to speak of at night so we all slept soundly. This is a great location, clean, amazing availability, and friendly staff. I don't know why I'm sharing it, so don't tell anyone else!
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Took a group 7 scouts and 2 adults. Could not drive in because it is early season and some roads still flooded with run off. Since we were tenting we just made a couple of trips and carried our stuff a hundred yards or so. Clean large flat camp sites, tables, fire ring and clean restrooms. Beautiful trees and surroundings. Because we were close (since we didn't want to carry our stuff further) to the front there was a fair amount of road noise. Would take scouts and family here again.
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I've read all of the reviews for the last few years and i can't believe it, they all say the caml hosts were rude. The man yes he was a little quiet and really hard to read, he was rude especially to his wife. She was super sweet though as long as you were nice to them and followed the rules they were nice and lenient on some things. We came back year after year because of them. Last year for our niece's 5th birthday the woman brought her a twin/full sized quilt that she had made, it was beautiful with butterfly sewn patterns in it, very beautiful. Would probably cost $150 if it were to be purchased. We have 2 hound pups and they are not quiet and they were completely understanding. It was always clean and only one time did things get crazy there with the people right next to us and my brother and husband and they were jokingly hired as "security " for the night. On to this year....we follow rules, they are there for a reason. Only 8 people to a camp spot so we got 2 spots for our 12 people. We came back up later that night as we only live about 30 miles away and there were 15-20 people in one they were parked on the grass, there were more people in other spots but im focusing on this group that were underage and drinking and driving, driving over the logs they logs they have as divieders and ultimately getting high centered, they were leaving because the boyfriends were in a fist fight with the neighbors. Families with kids camp here we had 6 in our group all of them were scared and crying. Instead of them getting kicked out the neighbors to the 15-20 people went crazy that night the husband was trying to push his wife in the fire and threatening to slit the throats of the people across from them(next to us). The kids were so scared and crying. The cops came and arrested them. Meanwhile the camp hosts are oblivious, they suck! They are horrible at their jobs. The restrooms aren't as clean as they were the years before. We are going to give it another chance this weekend for our 12 year anniversary, hopefully it is a better experience. The camp hosts from the previous years are at Anderson Cove this year. I will update next week. We
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We will never go back. They have more rules then a hotel and are very rude. We camp a lot at least once a month through the spring and summer and have never been treated this bad. We went in the morning to get a site and were bringing the motor home up later. They demanded a tent to be set up for us to pay the nightly fee and refused to let us pay for the extra vehicles until the motor home was there. When we arrived at 930 pm they wanted to be paid immediately even though we were trying to set up additional tent and calming children. They were trying to make us pay for a second site because they only allow 8 people per site. We had 4 adults 4 kids and a 3 month old baby. They did eventually decide to let us stay on one site. Quiet time is at 10pm which many sites have and I have no arguments about that. Except at 1005 they demanded we turn off our generator. We asked for a few more minutes because we were trying to get level and the generator runs the jacks. They threatened to kick us out if we didn't turn it off now. They also told our children to use "inside" voices cause its past 10. When the 2 dogs across the street were twice as loud as our kids were being. We had a friend stop by for less then 10 minutes before they started hassling us about too many people and cars. The campground is nice has lots of trees and is clean. And well maintained. But until they get someone else to run it I will go to one of the many other campgrounds around pineview.
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Have you ever camped in an "improved" campground, with assigned campsites? This location has good trees, close to Pineview Reservoir, drive to site and either set up your trailer or unload your tent. Fire ring, and a table - and a grilling bbq. It's open during good weather. Not quite as developed as the Anderson Cove which is about 10 minutes West of this campground - but still a quality campground. Depending on the depth at the lake, you can walk to fish, or just enjoy your group while camping. Supplies are close by, and the toilets are clean. The only reason I'd say "don't come here" is to keep it for myself and my friends.
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