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Inhaca, Inhaca Island Mozambik
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Inhaca, Inhaca Island Mozambik
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Great place, provides access to the island, great setup, welcoming employees...Justin is asset to the camp, he is excellent in every aspect, helpful, has all the required information and arranged anything I a matter of seconds. The whole camp is spotless, quite and provides patrons with a dream holiday, it's family orientated and welcoming from arrival. It's a camp site with tents, log cabins, huts, a big shared kitchen and abolition block, all user friendly. Will definitely return as I missed the lighthouse, but Justin arranged visits to Portuguese island, Santa Maria, the village, return's great to see a young man having all the information at hand and willing to go an extra mile in his daily job. It's better to team up with other groups for outing as costs can be shared and new friends. The camp has also a scuba diving school/training facility.
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We had a wonderful relaxing stay at Ross Ramos Camp in January 2018. Very helpful and friendly staff. We could not travel on the 2nd January as the sea was too rough but had a good trip on the Titanic boat on the 3rd. Recommend to take this rather than the Government ferry. Trip took around 50 minutes on the Titanic. Raymond or Duane or Zeldza can arrange if you contact them in advance. Enjoyed Portuguese Island but Santa Maria was the best for us. Exquisite bay and beach. Lovely shaded camp area with well established shade trees. We stayed in a wooden bungalow. Well equipped communal kitchen and lots of fridges, freezers and cupboards to store your food. Games available to play or just chill, in the camp area.
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Great place for camping or just clean basic accommodation in the island. Ross picked us up at the beach where the ferry stops and transported us to his place in his quad bike with a trailer(fun ride). The place is clean, self catering with everything you need in a kitchen (dishes, cups, pots, dishwashing cloths even tupperwares&travel mugs).there is a lady who washes the dishes so you dont need to worry about that. There's drinking water in the camp(didnt taste it though, came with our own water).toilets and showers are communal and were clean, always had hot water. Ross connected us with one of the guys who works there, the guy was able to organize us trips to portuguese island(R300 for all 4 of us) and the lighthouse (think it was also R300), he is a very nice guy! There's wifi for R30 per phone daily, south african dstv channels and an alcohol bar if one drinks. The place is def not luxurious but its great for a comfortable clean adventurous stay at the island.
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No Ferry. For 5 months we phoned and queried about the ferry which was apparently running. Had not been running for 10 days. They wanted to send a private charter to come and collect us at R6000.00 for 37 Kms. We had to find our own way to and off the island as the private charter was to expensive. We paid R850.00 to travel 28km on the island, 14 km to the beach and 14 km's back. We had to pay island tax when we got onto the island and we had to pay snorkel tax when we went snorkelling. The camp had a beach but no ocean to swim in. Only Mangrove swamps, hence the 28 km drive. If we did not get to the island, we would lose our money we paid for our holiday. The couple who own camp did not advise us that there was no ferry, and it had been down for 10 days. As previously stated we checked regularly.
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What was going to be a daytrip to Inhaca Island resulted in getting stuck there after the roughest boatride of our lives due to sudden crap weather. Me and two friends ended up on there completely soaked, with all our spare clothes dripping wet just like the rest of us. We had no idea of what to do with ourselves, but was lucky enough to bump into Zelda - the owner of Ross Ramos - who together with her staff provided us with dry towels and hot showers at the camp. The staff was so super friendly and sweet to us in our state of frantic stress, where we weren't sure how/when/if we'd get back to Maputo to catch our flight home the next day. We ended up staying the night at the camp to a very affordable price in one of their (amazing) tents. I wish that we had actually PLANNED a longer trip to the island, staying at the camp for a week, because it's an amazing little gem out there. It has a home-away-from-home-vibe, with a kitchen area to cook and a little shop around the corner. The people there really care about their guests - even the silly ones like my friends and I, getting out on the rough seas not knowing what we're doing. All and all - a great stay despite the mishap. (And we did make it back to Maputo in time the next morning to catch our flight in the end)
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MozambikMaputo ProvinceInhaca IslandInhaca
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