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Eduardo, manager of Paloma Brava picked us up at Posta del Norte which is a sister lodge in the Flyways group. We had just finished an outstanding dove hunt at Posta del Norte and wanted to add pigeons to the hunt. We had no idea that Paloma Brava was such an astonishing place at that time. Paloma Brava is an experience. Built in the middle of the desert about an hour and a half travel from Cordoba the Paloma Brava estancia has to be seen to be believed. Build by a wealthy industrialist for his own pleasure the place features a lake, bridge, island; golf course, equestrian and golf club, ferris wheel, etc. etc. The hunting lodge was very nice and dining was located in the lavish golf club on the lakeshore. Food was 5 star in every respect. The excellent staff was from another sister lodge, Sierra Brava, and service and courtesty was outstanding. The pigeon hunting fields varied from 10 minutes to 1/2 hours from the lodge and the shooting was challenging! Limits are 100 birds per shoot ( 2 daily ) and we filled our limits despite some mediocre shotgun skills at times. Eduardo and Zeke have excellent English skills and were with us at all times. Add this hunt to a dove hunt! You will love it.
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we had already booked a 3 day shoot at Los Chanares and felt because we were traveling so far ( from Australia ) that we might want to do a bit more shooting !!! we are so glad we did .We were advised to have a bit of a wind down shoot at Paloma Brava and what an incredible experience it was !!! Firstly Eduardo picked us up from the other lodge and drove us the 45 mins to our new digs .We were welcomed by the entire staff , wet face towels and Champagne and canapes !!! There was only the two of us as it was the end of the season but nothing was too much trouble !! we unpacked got organised and headed out to an afternoon of pidgeon shooting ! Again we only had to travel to the end of a paddock to enjoy a lovely afternoon of very relaxed shooting .As we had a limit of 100 birds a day we thought it would be a walk in the park , but we were pleasantly surprised , you had to really work to get them ! they duck and dive as soon as they see you so there was plenty of laughing and much cheering when you were finally successful ! It was a lovely way to ease out of the shooting euphoria ! But the hero here was the Lodge with all the quirky surroundings , it is indescribable and if you ever get the chance to go DON'T miss it ! the Chef was the best you could ever find and complimented with Stella"s pastry skills was an awesome combination .
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The manager, Eduardo, picked up our group of four from one of its sister lodges, Sierra Brava. Eduardo was a real gentlemen and spoke perfect English like both Zekes from Sierra Brava. We were cutting up pretty good on the ride over to the lodge and Eduardo went with the flow and made us very comfortable at our short stay at the lodge he manages. We were blown away when we drove up to the huge lodge that was spread out on many acres. They lease the lodge strictly for pigeon hunting. Even though we were only there for 24 hours, Eduardo and his staff did an excellent job providing us with the best service possible and catered to all of our needs including my needs for a special diet. The food, drinks, service from his staff, lodging, and hunting was incredible. The setting of this special lodge was nice enough to bring your wife with you. At meals, you look over a lake, a bridge and a island. It is truly a beautiful setting. Eduardo took us on a great tour of the property that belongs to a man who owns a large concrete company. The property reminded me of being in Europe with all of its special rooms and beauty. The pigeon hunting was fantastic and good as we were hoping it would be. Several hunters had suggested we finish off the dove hunting trip with a couple of pigeon hunts. You are limited to 100 pigeons per hunt but it is plenty of shooting and a total blast! The pigeons fly with doves so you have to pick out which bird is a pigeon and which isn`t and usually very quickly since the birds usually fly pretty fast. The birds boys we brought from Sierra Brava Lodge, where we started the trip, were able to help us decipher which was a pigeon or a dove. Without their expert knowledge and tips, we wouldn`t have been near as successful. They told us where to aim to be able to drop the bird and gave us great tips how to get our limit. We were very glad we did it because it was a great way to end the trip. I`d recommend Paloma Brava Lodge to anybody who wanted to pigeon hunt and suggest they end their hunting trip staying there.
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