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Richmond Hill Inn

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#6 z 7 hoteli w lokalizacji: Richmond Hill
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Angielski, Perski, Hindi
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Bezpłatny parking
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11610 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4E 3N7 Kanada
Nazwa/adres w miejscowym języku
Port lotniczy Toronto-Lester B. Pearson30 km
Toronto Island Airport29 km
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Bezpłatny dostęp do szybkiego Internetu (WiFi)
Bufet śniadaniowy
Bezpłatny dostęp do szybkiego Internetu (WiFi)
Bezpłatny parking
Bezpłatny dostęp do szybkiego Internetu (WiFi)
Dostępne śniadanie
3 gwiazdki
2.5 gwiazdki
2.5 gwiazdki
North York
13.5 km od Toronto Island Airport
5.7 km od Yonge Street
North York
13.1 km od Toronto Island Airport
5.4 km od Yonge Street
North York
16.5 km od Toronto Island Airport
6.9 km od Edwards Gardens
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Staying with 2 grown up kids, it’s a beautiful and serene place and staff is very courteous with Ample parking, centrally located with good Restaurants around, basically good for Family and Groups and get together
Czytaj dalej
Richmond hill in was very nice old school place...beds were super comfy...staff was super helpful amd quick check in...we came down to go to a wedding and hubby forgot his belt..the maintenance man gave him his belt for the night was so kind. Will definitely return if in the area.
Czytaj dalej
Nice place. Good staff. The parking is open and very close to the room. The rooms opens to the environment. If rainy, you may have to dash to the reception. The wifi was okay, however there is need for improvement.
Czytaj dalej
So to start I had called two days before saying we needed late check in due to being at C.W all day they said that was fine, when arrived we were told they were just about to call and give our room away to someone else because they didn't know if we were coming. I stated i had called to confirm a late check in she said she did not remember. As paying and putting a 100$ hold on my credit card a Male employee(owner) told us his buddy was making magic mushrooms in a room here and that he had just purchased something to aid in this process. We ignored and went to our room which was clean but had a funny smell to it like stale smoke even though we had a non-smoking room. We left the next morning quickly as soon as the hold was taking of my card.
Czytaj dalej
I was travelling from the United States to Richmond Hill via-car. To be FAIR, I can honestly say, my very first interaction with the facility and staff was what I liked. This facility was booked on a last minute notice. I did like that the two owners, were able to accommodate me with two rooms as I asked for via-phone and held onto the room as other customers were starting to check-in. As I had explained to the staff, I was travelling from the United States and was expected to arrive 05/28/16 in the morning hours. The staff instructed me to book the rooms from 05/27/16 that would guarantee me a check-in at that time frame. I took their advice and did just that. The staff kept in contact with me to make sure I would be showing up. Upon arriving to the facility grounds, I realized this was not a typical hotel, but instead had the appearance of a motel. A family of 5 adults checked in approximately 5am on 5/28/16. Before the books were put on hold, I specifically told the staff I was traveling with a pregnant family member and the rooms were to be smoke free. Anyways, we were checked in, given two keys we went to the rooms. We were so exhausted, myself and two family members went to one room and the other two (pregnant woman and husband) went to the other. To say the least, we have been traveling for 8 hours. I slept for a mere 4 hours when I was awaken by the family member from the other room, who told me, upon opening the door to their room, there were bugs in the room and a centipede had ran under the bed. Terrified and concerned for the safety for his wife, they slept in the SUV. I wished I was notified that very moment to have brought it to the attention of the staff. I walked over to their room and examined it myself, there were indeed bugs in the room, the room itself was uncleaned. I called facility staff and explained to them what happened. The woman, who notified me she was the manager, came to the room and examine the room herself, as we pointed out the bugs on the window, uncleaned sheets, etc. When I explained to her what took place and I was not paying for the room since it was not used, she accused me and my family for not wanting to pay. I asked her if you can check the camera that just happens to be pointing in the direction of the SUV, if she can check it herself and see that the room was not used but instead she can see that two individuals had walked back to the SUV and stayed there for the night. Again, she refused, making me wonder if the camera was in fact working. I repeatedly told her I did not want to pay for a room that was infested with bugs and uncleaned. We were then accused of bringing the bugs with us as we travelled, then said after, this is Canada, there are bugs everywhere. I even noted to her, that the door to the room was not properly secured and that a large opening at the bottom, that too didn’t seem to bother her. The manager walked me back to the office, where I was refund for the 05/28/16, where she asked me if I had noticed the discounted her husband gave me, I told her no, I didn’t. I was so tired from the drive, I quickly signed the receipt and left. Upon refunding me, for both rooms, she took back the discount given to me. I showed her husband the photos I took and explained to him, this isn’t a condition for anyone to sleep in, yet a pregnant woman. Had my pregnant family member been bitten, who would take responsibility. He blatantly ignored everything I pointed out to him. My home isn’t in any form of conditioned as the rooms that were put on hold for me and my family. This was by far the worst hotel experience. 1. The rooms were unclean, spider webs and dirty sheets 2. Unclean chair and sofa chair 3. The water in the bathroom had an unpleasant smell; clearly not filtered 4. Bugs in the room For a $115.00+ per night and room, don’t waste your time coming here. The rooms were booked on a last minute noticed to visit a sick family member who happened to be 10 mins from the facility. Anyone visiting this area please, find somewhere else. Yes, I understand we all need to make a living, but renting rooms of such manner isn’t a way at all. If anything, the entire facility needs to be inspected for the safety of others.
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71 USD - 95 USD (na podstawie średniej ceny za pokój standardowy)
Summit Hotel
KanadaOntarioRichmond Hill
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