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Taroko Art Hostel Hualien

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#7 z 8 hoteli w lokalizacji: Xincheng
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應該是全部都不能接受,連假期間因為許多高評價的住宿都滿了,只能選擇這種還有房間的,但下回不會再亂下訂,地圖顯示的地址跟住宿不符合,竟然還要開10公里外去住所謂的二館,一進去門口髒亂,門打開嚴重的煙味參雜著霉味的溼氣,再進去房間更重的霉味散發出來,房間還有一堆蜘蛛絲,比我東引當兵的條件更差,熱水忽冷忽熱,隔音設備高級差,老闆門一開後就閃人不知去哪,超級差的服務,(因為去二館路上老闆電話打不通還在路邊乾等)睡的是木板床(當然只能接受),棉被也是溼氣重的感覺,早早六點就趕快閃人,走行程去 ,228連假開得出來2500元也只能無奈了
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I can only assume that this is "Art Taiwan Homestay" as on as it has the exact same address. The picture by the way on is the premises across the road, which if you wander into it looking for somewhere to sleep for the night you will discover it is a sweet shop with very nice but bemused staff who will point you across the road! We stayed here because we thought it would be easier to visit Taroko Gorge from here and also because we fancied the cycle along the coast from Hualien. I shall start with the positives: - It is cheap - The owner is desperate to please you, she will offer you all sorts of hints and tips even if you haven't asked for them - You can secure your bikes safely here inside the premises - Breakfast is nice - It is clean Now the negatives: - The rooms appear to have been put together by someone who lacks any DIY skills. We shared an air conditioning unit with the neighbouring room (they had the remote so we couldn't turn it on or off!). There is a large gap around the unit on the dividing wall between the two rooms so you could hear the neighbours snoring as if they were in the same room as you. Our bathroom had no door either, fortunately we have known each other a while, but even so I don't really want to share EVERYTHING with my husband and a bit of privacy is nice when using the loo! - The bed was insanely uncomfortable. There was a bamboo yoga mat between the mattress and the sheet which made the bed as hard as if you were lying in the ground. The pillow was lumpy and as hard as nails. The blanket looked uninviting so we used our sleeping bag liners instead. Worst sleep of our trip to date and we have been away for 2 months and slept in many beds so far so that does say something! - You have no key to let yourself in. You are relying on being let in. When we arrived there was no one there. There was another couple who had booked who were waiting for her to show up. She turned up 2 hours after they had agreed with her. The bar outside which is very dusty has elbow marks all over it where you can see that frustrated customers have leant waiting for her to return. - There is NOTHING nearby. If you want food in the evening you have to run the gauntlet of the neighbourhood dogs who want to attack you on your way to the 7-11 approximately half a kilometre away. Very scary. - There was no hot water while we stayed there. - It isn't any easier to get to the gorge from here. By foot it is an hour and a half walk to the entrance of the park. There is a bus service from Hualien that stops at Xincheng station (15 minute walk away) which goes to the gorge. You might as well stay in Hualien and catch the same bus! You do however have the option of a tour which she will try and pressure you into which includes all other sights you don't want to go to! Even if you don't want it and have already said no she will persist for a while. Avoid if possible! We only stayed here for lack of other options available locally at the time where we hadn't booked in advance and everything was booked out over the weekend.
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