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Kien Thao Hotel

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To 8, Yen Minh 311500 Wietnam
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#2 z 4 hoteli w lokalizacji: Yen Minh
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To 8, Yen Minh 311500 Wietnam
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Użytkownik Oewh87 napisał recenzję paź 2019
6 przesłanych treści8 podziękowań
It is difficult to put into words quite how execrable this hotel and it is perhaps for this reason that no one has previously attempted to do so on tripadvisor. I wish that they had, as it may have saved me a visit to the pit latrine of Vietnam. Alarm bells began to ring as soon as we arrived at the property and attempted to communicate with the receptionist, who is coincidentally the most moronic individual on the planet. For reasons unknown he was completely unwilling to accept our prepaid reservation (in spite of us presenting the booking confirmation printout) and had the audacity to claim that the residence had no affiliation with (which upon speaking to was proven to be an outright lie as the hotel had actively signed up as a member). The moron/receptionist was insistent that we buy another room in cash; given it was late at night and we had been on the road all day we reluctantly agreed on the assumption that we would be able to explain the situation to and reclaim our money. This assumption proved to be incorrect - (who I should add have behaved disgracefully throughout the refund process) have not been able to get in contact with the Kien Thao in the couple of weeks since our stay (apparently they don’t answer the phone or respond to emails) and so are unwilling to refund us. Unfortunately, things continued to go downhill once we got to the room. I have attached pictures so I can’t be accused of hyperbole but, in short, the room was a cess pit. Stained bedsheets, a thick coating of dust on the floor and hardened soap scum in the shower were all on display along with some meaty skid marks in the toilet bowl. Despite the rooms being advertised as non-smoking, we were immediately hit by the overpowering stench of baked in cigarette smoke which, along with the stains, let us to seriously question whether the bed sheets had been cleaned (we concluded that they had not and slept in sleeping liners on top of the covers as a result). The design and decor were also suitably hideous: the flooring has the wording “sample text” written all over it, the appliances are decrepit (AC doesn’t work), the shower is idiotically placed to the side of the toilet and there is a viewing window into the bathroom so your can look your room mate in the eye when taking a dump. We didn’t think things could get much worse but they did, courtesy of the receptionist/staff having a party complete with thudding music and raucous chatter until late in the night. Even though we were on the 6th floor we could hear this clearly (I tried to make a phone call but was driven up to the stairwell of the 9th floor as the person I was speaking to was unable to hear me over the noise in our room). We didn’t bother confronting the staff as by this stage we had long since concluded that their total contempt of hospitality combined with an average IQ of about 50 would mean that any complaint fell on deaf ears. This hotel is a steaming dump of a place, run by absolutely brain dead individuals. I would advise anyone to avoid like the plague. Sleep in the gutter rather than this place if necessary - it will be better value and cleaner.
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Termin pobytu: październik 2019
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16 USD - 17 USD (na podstawie średniej ceny za pokój standardowy)
WietnamHa Giang ProvinceYen Minh
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