TripAdvisor WiFi Plus

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TripAdvisor WiFi Plus

Collect 70% More Reviews with TripAdvisor WiFi Plus

Collect 70% More Reviews with TripAdvisor WiFi PlusTripAdvisor WiFi Plus offers your restaurant an easy and powerful marketing tool to connect with your customers.

Improve Your Guest Experience

Offering WiFi to your customers is a no-brainer — but what if you could get more for your business? Build better relationships with your customers with a custom-branded WiFi experience. Collect email addresses, send automated email campaigns and review requests, and more with TripAdvisor WiFi Plus.

Collect More Reviews and Drive Repeat Visits

Here’s how it works: with TripAdvisor WiFi Plus, diners seamlessly access your free guest WiFi through a preconfigured custom-branded landing page with their email address or social media credentials.

Once diners log in, TripAdvisor WiFi Plus continues the conversation with your guests by automatically sending them reminders to leave TripAdvisor reviews. With this simple reminder, you’ll be able to collect up to 70% more reviews.*

There’s no need for marketing experience or coding know-how. TripAdvisor WiFi Plus can help you set and forget other key automated email marketing messages to wish your customers a happy birthday, offer discounts or loyalty rewards, send “we miss you” emails, and more.

Gain Actionable Insights About Your Customers

Once diners log in to the WiFi, you’ll be able to better understand their behavior with actionable insights. You’ll know how many new customers you’re seeing, who’s logging in, and more. The more you know, the better guest experience you can provide in the future.


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