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Prague On Segway, on E-Scooter, on Quad Pytania i odpowiedzi

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Wrocław, Polska


Please tell me if you can ride a segwayach old town?

Thanks for information.

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Dear 0_yolo_0,

Thank you for the question.

From the end of 2016 in Prague main center segway ban begun.City Hall of Prague made riding on segway prohibited in the central area of the main Old Town.

This it is in breach of Czech laws and we will challenge it on a court. Hope that up to the end of 2017 we will win

Now we already made a new legal routes in Prague except banned area so we do continue provide segway tours in the city.

Routes are a little bit changed but we suite new segway routes for in most beautiful parks and streets with an attractive segway ride and great photo spots by the way.

We will have several different routes in the city, including historical city center Vinohrady district, others covers Strachov/Hvezda/Brevnov monasteries and riverside.

For further questions please contact us by email or by phone directly: pragueonsegway. com/contact/

Kind regards,

Prague On Segway team

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