Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System

Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System opinie, Mattawa

Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System

Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System
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Is it worth the drive to VMUTS?
wrz 2018 • Znajomi
I was all dressed-up with nowhere to ride, until I saw the Voyager Multi Use Trail System (VMUTS) mentioned in an OFTR column.

With 3 days off - not long enough to get to the Hatfield McCoy system - but craving something fresh, VMUTS checked most of the boxes on my list:
- Less than a day's drive - Check
- New riding area - Check
- Marked trails - Check
- Challenging - Check
- Some single track - None found

As the OFTR article stated, VMUTS is a "unintentionally kept secret". Though its a well developed the trail system, their marketing, particularly to dirt riders, needs work. In fact there's an ad for a Trails Promoter on their website.

Here's a few things to keep in mind if you decide to make the drive to Mattawa:

- Buy a trail pass and bring your documents - ownership, insurance - we saw 4 OPP Officers patrolling the area in 3 days. They were very friendly and a good source of info (only the locals know where the single track is located), but thorough - carry your pass! Speaking of passes, here's a missed marketing opportunity. It's a yellow slip of paper - not a sticker or decal that becomes a marketing piece/souvenir long after your trip is over.

- Trail permits can be purchased online. We bought ours at the Mattawa visitors centre, hoping to get a better version of the trail map than than the one available online. We'll never know. They were all out, as where the 2 other locations in town we checked. Print the online trail map and bring a few extra copies.

- Finding a trail-head was a little more challenging than expected. At the visitors centre we were advised to turn left at Murphy's road. The road was closed. We continued up Hwy 533 looking for the next famous wooden arch, and drove right past it! They're off the highway a bit and and there's no additional signage. The second day we tried the entrance off Hwy 63, 20 K down a good gravel road. This time there was a sign, cleverly hidden behind a tree. We parked at the snowmobile club instead.

- The map is invaluable but not infallible. It's a bit dated as some new trails have been added and it's only as good as the trail markings. And the markers are there 99% of the time, exactly where you needed/expected. But when they're not, for example, the junction of trails 15 and 666, 21 from point K to L, or 41 into 93, it's frustrating to hope you've guessed right. There are numerous non-marked trails, and venturing off the marked trails is not advised.

- The trails are organized by colour and offer opportunities for:
Adventure bikes (Green, usually well-maintained gravel roads);
Dual sports (Blue, narrower tracks that are more challenging)
Red and Black (full nobby-shod dirt bikes with skilled riders).

The Blue/Red/Black trails are ATV width at a minimum, and present increasingly difficult rock-infest climbs/descents and water/mud challenges. But, make note, not all trails are created equally. For example, Trail 15 was an easy Dual Sport-able ride until the last few K before Trail 35 when it deteriorated quickly into a Red with several rocky climbs and descents worthy of a dirt bike. Oddly, Red 35 was relatively easy after this. And Blue 36, could've been Green, turned Red with several wet sections, even some corduroy, plus an all but impassable mud hole.

- There are no mileage markers on the map, fuel range was a concern until we got a handle on the size of the riding area. Riding up from town was just too limiting - even if it was permitted. There are a couple of gas stations in Mattawa, but none on the surrounding Hwys close to VMUTS. ATV's seem to be welcome in town - we didn't see anyone riding a dirt bike inside city limits and the folks at the visitors centre didn't know if it was permitted. However parking at a centrally located trail-head seemed to be the hot-ticket in order to refuel the bikes.

- One the officers we spoke with mentioned hunting season opens soon. The number of ATV's mushrooms, rooms are hard to find and the restaurants are crowded. Mattawa (pop. 2500) has a limited number of accommodations and a few home-style restaurants. North Bay is 60K from the main trail head, only 35K to the one off Hwy 63, and offers big city amenities.

Bottom line - is it worth the drive to VMUTS?


In three days, we covered almost all the good, hard trail and left some of the interesting Blue trails for our next trip.
Written 8 lutego 2019
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