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Ritter Hot Springs
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Very good

Thetwo O
Portland, OR5 contributions
mar 2021 • Pary
New owner. Closed indefinitely. Real jerk. We camped at a rock quarry half a mile away and he woke us at 7AM honking his horn and telling us to leave.
Don’t waste your time. Travel on to Crystal Crane Hot Springs in Burns for a good soak!
Written 1 kwietnia 2021
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Portland, OR861 contributions
A totally different experience
sie 2019 • Dla rodziny
Ritter Hot Springs is a walk back in time. All fees for swimming, camping or rooms/cabins are on the honor system and are only cash/check (you can even mail it in later if you must). Be sure to take a look at the museum for the history. If you stay two nights or more, i recommend getting a cabin. In cabin 1, you can sleep 7 (two bedrooms with a queen bed each, plus a loft with three twin beds, a kitchen with large fridge, coffee maker, microwave, stove and sink, no dishwasher or toaster), one bathroom with shower, lots of fans and two window air conditioners (seemed ok even on a high 90’s day), so basic accommodations. You will need to bring your own food (from Pendleton or John Day depending on which way you are coming from) as there isn’t much around here to get food. If you stay in a hotel room, there is a grill, hot plate and microwave to heat at the office/museum , but probably best just to bring a cooler and sandwiches. There is no alcohol allowed here (owners are religious). Now why you came: the hot Springs! One largish pool that is drained on Thursdays at 2pm for cleaning and refilled by Saturday afternoon; it’s warmer than an average pool but is not hot. They have lots of pool noodles and some floaties. Then go across the pedestrian bridge and up the hill to four concrete pools (sit one or two people each if you really like the other person) that are warmer but still not super hot. The water here is sulfur-containing and alkaline, so you feel “silky” while you are in it. It is not that advisable to drink that water so bring your own or a container to get drinkable water. This place is not fancy, not a spa, not a resort (no massages here), just an affordable, laidback place to relax. No cell service, no WIFI, no TV - so bring a good book or two. Only open Memorial Day to Labor Day. If you’d like a cabin or room reservation, you must call (and possibly leave a message). When you arrive, you pick up your key with your name on it in masking tape form the unattended office. See their website for more details.
Written 30 sierpnia 2019
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Don C
Tumwater, Washington253 contributions
Quick hot springs soak
cze 2018 • Znajomi
The pool was closed because it was being cleaned. So, we walked to the "old" hot spring tubs that were across the river. They were quite rustic but in a good way. Hot springs were a great soak. Easy to get to and free. If open the pool would've cost us $5. The whole place is kind of rustic which adds to it's charm. If you want a luxurious spa - go somewhere's else. If you enjoy sitting in a rustic concrete tub out in the open this place is for you. Place was busy too.
Written 9 lipca 2018
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La Pine, OR1 contribution
Ritter - A great escape
cze 2016 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
Ritter is such a great escape that I don't feel comfortable telling strangers about it. I want to keep it a secret. However, it's such a far drive for most, that keeping it somewhat secret shouldn't be too hard. The surrounding area is so cool, including the cemetery, the abandoned houses, and especially the old Smith Hot Springs down by the river (to the south of the bridge). I walked through an old orchard to get tot the springs, got my feet really muddy, and was able to soak them clean in the cistern of hot water at the head of the old pool. I'd love to see this redeveloped. Back at the hotel, there was a movie filmed there in either 2015 or 2016. Not sure what the title is, but if anyone knows?...
Written 2 lutego 2017
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Alan F
115 contributions
it is a totally different world than I have visited before, but I can hardly wait to go back.
wrz 2016 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
the attitude is laid-back. You check yourself in and when you leave you put your cash in the box. The clientele is not hippie but upper-middle-class adventuresome. Everyone wants to help you out. My room was very clean. The bathroom down the hall was very clean. I had the run of the office at night to use the microwave. But the nearest water was in the bathroom in the other building. The rooms that were not being actively used were dilapidated to the point that they were collapsing from the weight of the snow and the blowing of the wind. It reminded me of my travels in Italy.
Written 7 września 2016
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Kelso, Waszyngton3 contributions
lip 2015 • Znajomi
This is a charming, rustic location. I did not want to leave! We stayed in the cabin, swam often in the clean, warm, hot spring fed swimming pool, and enjoyed chatting with other visitors as well as the owner. It was like experiencing a living museum first-hand as we were able to explore the old store, dance hall and ancient block private bath houses. Next time we go, the private little houses will have been renovated. Bring your own food, a book or two, and a comfortable outdoor chair. We look forward to going back again and again.
Written 16 lipca 2015
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Helena, MT1 171 contributions
Great little spot
cze 2015 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
I often do not experience the same as others. I expected the worst but was very pleasantly surprised

A tidy clean historic spot that only charged $3.00 for a soak!

The hotel was old and I didn't look inside, rustic I'm sure. But the rest of the grounds and campground were clean as a whistle. No general store except for the historic one that has not been open for 40 years

No alcohol and closed on the owners sabbath (Saturday) until sundown (the pool not the little campground). Owner was laid back and friendly and full of advice about the area, scenic places and all

It almost seems like other reviewers were talking about somewhere else
Written 15 czerwca 2015
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Portland17 contributions
Dirty, run down, scuzzy
sie 2014
Cabin was marginal with many flies and ants all over the kitchen. The running water smells of the sulphuric springs. Bath houses were just gross. Pool was out of commission and the "hot tub" we were offered was dinged up, rusty and dirty. There is an old single wide trashy trailer right at the entrance and the "store" is a mess. The natural setting is beautiful and interesting, but the rest ruins it.
Written 13 sierpnia 2014
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Portland, OR1 contribution
poor stewardship of a natural resource
cze 2014 • Pary
Poor stewardship of a nice resource. The grounds were littered with trashed mobile homes packed with garbage. The cinderblock housing for the springs were falling down. The whirlpool tub was an old hot tub up on cinderblocks with all the workings exposed. Not very esthetically pleasing. The pool and bathhouse looked nice but I didn't go to them since we were more interested in the spring. We turned around and left without using them. I like rustic but these were not well cared for or treated with any care. ONe of the rental cottages had a falling apart dirty old sofa on the porch. There was an old travel trailer parked next to it filled with garbage.
Written 21 czerwca 2014
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pj f
Beaverton, OR1 contribution
pj - haven't been there in years
maj 2013 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
Growing up in the 60's i spent lots of time in Ritter and surrounding ranches. Hunted, fished bucked hay went on cattle drives and helped out on the Heise Ranch. Swam in the stinky sulpher water pool (smelled like rotton eggs) and relaxed in the hot springs.
Back then there was a cafe in Ritter and it had great food. A family named the Jordons ran the cafe and general store and before that the Swaggerts.
One chilly halloween night some of the locals & I sat around the old pot belly stove in the general store & listened to Orson Wells. spin his tale "War OF The Worlds " on an old scratchy sounding radio. Of course it was a repeat. (I'm not that old) TV reception was bad so radio was the only form of entertainment.

Local ranchers and residence of that time included the Heises, Raiders, Calvins, Swaggerts. Jordons, Feldman, Dickersons,
& The Winslows, There were others but over time i have forgot. I'm sure that most of these people have died by now and some are probably buried in the Ritter Cemetery.
These tough and gritty people were the ones that shaped this beautiful country and gave Ritter it's charactor. I will always remember these grand pioneers with fond memories for they and this land is what helped to shape me.
Written 6 marca 2014
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