Richard Petty Driving Experience

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Richard Petty Driving Experience

Richard Petty Driving Experience
Wesołe miasteczka i parki tematyczne
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Very good

Joanna H
Concord, Karolina Północna45 contributions
Amazing Trill and Great for Gifts
maj 2019
What a thrill! Even just watching is amazing. I have given my husband several of these as gifts. Each time I escalated in “thrill factor”. My husband has loved every one.
Written 5 listopada 2019
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Clifton Forge, VA96 contributions
paź 2019 • Pary
Purchased this driving experience for my husband for his birthday. He was supposed to Recieve 8 driving minutes, along with a video, and picture. We had a little bit of trouble finding where we needed to go, sending better directions with all the reminder emails would be greatly appreciated! Once we got to the media center, we kinda weren't sure what to do. There is a reception that checks in drivers and gets them suited up, but no one really tells you much. Husband's appointment was at 3, we were there a bit after 2 because they want you early. Then at your appointment time, you go into a media room, watch video and are asked if you have questions. Then they take you outside, you stand in a lone for helmet sizing. It takes awhile, I'm not gonna lie. We didn't get done until after 530. Husband was supposed to get 8 minutes of driving time, he only really got 6, because there was an accident on the back stretch of the speedway. They have Mario Andretti experiences going on at the same time, and one of those cars wrecked and that and them being quite far behind because of Charlotte speedway tours, knocked husband out of 2 minutes driving time. He had a great time, though, reached speed of 140mph and fulfilled an item that had been on his bucket list for 20plus years. We'd do it again... it would be better and easier knowing whatwe know know and how to get to where we need to be.
Written 13 października 2019
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Steve H
5 contributions
Awesome Experience, with some flaws
maj 2019 • Pary
The sales guy at the tent was very knowledgeable and did what he could. No faults against him at all. We booked a 5:00 ride along. Was told to check in at 4:00 and not be late or we would lose our spot. We got to the tent where people were already waiting at 3:30. The Xfinity race was still going on which delayed things which is perfectly understandable, they don't have control of that. We were finally able to make our way through the tunnel and to pit road between 4:30-4:45. Got checked in and got a wristband with a number, and got in line behind everyone else. 3 cars broke while we were waiting in line. One car was overheating and they continued to do 3 more runs with it blowing water out of the base of the windshield. A 2nd car had trouble but i was unsure of what was going on with that one. The 3rd car, the driver did not have it in 1st gear when attempting to leave pit road, stepped on the gas and you could hear the transmission break right in front of us on pit road, so they pushed it aside. While i was strapped in, they could not get my on board camera to work because they said it was so hot out it fried the equipment, luckily i didn't pay for a video so it wasn't a big deal, but what if i had bought one? But as far as the ride along experience, it was an amazing experience, and would definitely do it again. I just hope they clean up some of the things they are struggling with, because there seems to be a lack of maintenance on the cars.By the time it was my turn and my ride was completed it was already 6:45. But i recommend this to anyone who has not experienced this yet.
Written 29 maja 2019
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Vincent K
Concord, Karolina Północna127 contributions
Big thrills
lis 2017 • Znajomi
What a blast. Got to drive a 600 horsepower car at 140 miles per hour on the tri-oval Charlotte Speedway. One of the biggest thrills of my life.
Written 4 października 2018
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7 contributions
maj 2018 • Dla rodziny
Quite an experience. Staff is friendly and experience was awesome!!! Drive with a race-car driver and experience the thrills!!
Written 6 sierpnia 2018
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Cincinnati, OH484 contributions
This Was A Blast !!!!!
cze 2018 • Znajomi
I've done one of the experiences before at Ky Speedway run by a different organization. It was an exciting time, but it was no comparison to this. Organized from the beginning to the end. The one hour classroom instruction is very useful, even if you have done it before. The key statement the instructor made was that it is not necessary to let off the gas going into the turns. If you are not used that kind of driving, it takes a lap or two to trust that statement. The cars are built for the track, and will handle it with no problem. The cars are ex-cup cars or Xfinity cars. They have rev limiters to 5,000 RPM, so you can feel safe driving and be still get the thrill also. If you follow the instructions you can make the 150 mph club, which not a lot of people do. I did this with my brother-in-law. It is a lot more fun if you have friends who will participate too. If you want to experience the excitement of speed, doing it legally, this is highly recommended. Hint: it IS hot inside the cars, so prepare accordingly. And: the cars are not well suited to people who are 6 ft 5 like me. It's cramped, but still a blast.
Written 18 czerwca 2018
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Anderson13 contributions
Ride Along EXperience Great Long wait Not great
kwi 2018 • Dla rodziny
Gave Ride Along Experience to Two Granddaughters and Daughter-in-law. They enjoyed the Ride Along, very exciting...BUT although made 1:00 booking time and arrived one hour early was given a bracelet with number. They were told to wait until number called before getting in line. At 12:30 approached line and were told they were taking first come first serve. We did hear some numbers called later. They got in line at 12:35 finally got to ride a 2:15. There were only two cars giving ride along and one of them had to stop for at times for Jr. Ride Along. Need more organization!
Written 29 kwietnia 2018
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Frederick P
Irvington, Wirginia10 contributions
Can't Beat the Feeling You Get from Driving the Race Car
kwi 2018 • Pary
I read the one terrible review before writing this and some things said there are true. You are going to get upgrade suggestions and need to expect some waiting. But the feeling you get after driving on the race track cannot be beat. The 8 minute driving period is worth the money. It takes you two to three laps to start to get the hang of it and with 8 minutes it will give you about four more laps to try for the 150 mph or better speed.
Written 29 kwietnia 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Mons314 contributions
Terrifyingly Excellent
kwi 2018 • Dla rodziny
Like most other reviewers, I had an awesome time. I'll concentrate on the details.

1. Booking by internet - very simple. Check the website at different times; looks like they run specials of about $100-200 off every few months. I got the 8 minute rookie package for about $350. There's also a military discount, but I did not discover that until later. The team very graciously comped me a photo when I called after booking to see if I could apply the military discount (no, not after the credit card ran. My bad)

2. Preliminaries. You'll get a series of emails in the days leading up to your scheduled drive; on-line check in, sign the waiver, reminders, etc. Pretty helpful. If it's super busy at the track, I suspect the on-line waiver signing will save you 10-15 minutes of standing in a line.

3. Arrival. Your info will likely send you to gate/tunnel 26. The route is well-marked; drive in at the main entrance (watch what lane you're in; that intersection is pretty hairy!), then just tool around the outside of the track, follow the signs to tunnel 26 & Petty/Andretti. When I got there, a couple guys with clipboards were checking us in & giving directions to the parking lot & building. Again, lots of signs, pretty easy to get where you want to go, about only one place to go! Park where you can find a space; there's a sign that says "park here" which is a little confusing as it indicates one row of about 15 spaces, all of which are probably taken. Just go thru into the fenced area, plenty of room there, or in the rows labeled 'media'.

4. Head into the building for check in. There's two places labeled - drivers in the building, ride-alongs over by the track. See the folks at the desk, get signed in. If someone else booked the trip for you, you might have some confusion as you sort out who's name you're looking for; guy ahead of me had that go on. Sorted out quickly though. They'll give you some lanyards to wear with you package info, and your fire suit. Suit up! Keep the lanyards outside the suit, including when you're in the car, which seemed weird, but you won't notice them once you start driving.

5. Briefings. My 1400h group was only 4 guys, so they bundled us with the 1300h group and we were on the tail end of them. I arrived about 1250h, and by 1310 we were in the briefing with the group ahead of us. There's a guy who talks for about 20 minutes about what to expect, takes Q&A, then they show a 20 minute video outlining what to do/not do, then another 10 minutes of the guy talking. It's all very informative and well done. Kind of a lot to take in, so they hammer the main points home repeatedly. Then you all get up & move to the track. Oh - all the families tagged along into the briefing, plenty of room.

6. Helmeting up. At 1400h, one hour after our scheduled start time, we were suited, briefed, and standing in line at the track to get helmets. There's a set of bleachers for families (bring hats & water if it's a hot sunny day!). Everyone got a helmet, and in groups of 4-5, went over the wall & into a car.

7. Driving. Listen to your guy on the radio, do what you were briefed, do what your radio guy tells you, have fun! There's no pace car. You're out on the track with 3-4 other dudes just like you (OK, there was one woman out of about 25 guys), spaced apart by about 20-30 seconds. Your car will max out at 155-160mph. The ride-along car is also on the track in the outside lane, flying around at about 180mph, so don't drift into the high line!

8. Equipment - you get a fire suit & helmet. No gloves or shoe covers. Not necessary. Quite comfortable.

9. Finish up. Dismount. Note - getting in/out of the car ain't easy if you're huge, or not flexible. This is not an event for really fat folk! Also, if you're over 6'4", it's gonna be an adventure. I'm 6', and glad I wasn't taller. Anyway, you'll be led off the track, they'll take your helmet, work out your package (photo, video, whatever) and go over to the trailer to get your stuff, certificate, turn in your suit.

10. Certificate - shows your max speed. Does not show your lap times/avg speed or any detailed info; maybe the video has that? The max speed is nice, because you can run slow laps of 1 minute, but punch it up to 150+ on the back stretch for 2 seconds and still have an impressive bit of paper.

11. Passing - yes, if you come up on a slower driver, they'll let you pass coming out of turn 2 only. Butt clenching fun for everyone!

12. Departure. Get in your car, drive out. Total time at the track was about 2.5hr. Oh, and by 1500, it looked very quiet. Consider booking a later time in the day for a calmer experience.

OK, that's most of what I remember. Have a great time!
Written 18 kwietnia 2018
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James G
Summerfield NC701 contributions
Checked This Off My Bucket List
lut 2018 • Dla rodziny
My daughter bought me the 3 lap ride along for my 70th birthday, and wow this was fun. I am a speed fan and this was on my bucket list. I rode in the 88 Dale Jr Nationwide car, and it was crazy fast. My driver got up to 170 mph, what a rush. It was worth the one hour wait in line, the crew members were very nice and helpful. I recommend this experience to anyone that wonders what it feels like to go over 150 mph.
Written 25 lutego 2018
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