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Honey Pot Hill
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Very good

Philip D
1 contribution
Disappointed that I drove that far for this.
paź 2020 • Pary
Overcrowded with little to no parking. The website said the maze is open until 6:00pm but you can only get in until 4:30pm as it takes an hour and a half to walk it.
After standing in an endless line to buy apples, pears, jams and numerous other items at the store. We went and stood in yet another line to get a cheese burger. Noticing the time we rushed over to the maze arriving at 4:05pm to find a rude person telling us they didn’t care what the web site says, that it actually closes at 4:00pm and no one else gets in! Nice had we known that we would have done that first. The website also doesn’t tell you they only take cash so make sure you have a pocket full of cash or you get to wait in line for another half hour to use the ATM to get cash. Never again!
Written 17 października 2020
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Cambridge, MA18 contributions
Lots of apples and fun
paź 2020
Advance booking process went smoothly. Plenty of apples and signage was helpful but literally no pears on the trees, lots on the ground so I guess they ripened and fell. My teenage grandsons wanted to go thru the maze as they enjoyed that last year but we did not feel comfortable taking the wagon ride there as the wagons were packed with people, they should have limited capacity. Suggestion: make a smaller bag available for small children, maybe half a peck size. Also, $20 for peck size seemed a bit pricey
Written 12 października 2020
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Sudbury, MA24 087 contributions
Best place for apples
paź 2020 • Pary
Wonderful apple orchard and lots of fun for kids with hayrides and maze. You can pick your own apples or buy them in the farm store. Also, they have great juicy tomatoes, delicious butternut and acorn squash and plenty of pumpkins. Apple cider, cider donuts and apple pies... everything “apple”.

There are several parking lots for apple picking and one big parking lot dog the farm store.

Top notch service is a huge plus.

The variety of apples are for all tastes: Macintosh, Empire, Gala, GoldenI Delicious, Matsu, Cortland - pick what you want.
Written 1 października 2020
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Boston, MA7 contributions
Plenty of Apples But Could be More Organized
wrz 2020
We enjoyed a morning of apple picking at Honey Pot. We had to make an advance reservation given the current COVID restrictions which makes good sense. There were plenty of apples and also pears to choose from. The apple cider donuts were amazing and the store had some delicious looking peaches and other goodies to choose from too. An improvement that I wanted to comment on relates to organization. The reservation confirmation said that we needed to pick up bands. I didn't see where to pick that up upon arrival so went into the store and they did not know either until one employee asked someone else and said that you only need that on weekends (we went on a weekday). We got on a hayride to the fields but not sure if the driver let us off in the right spot...there were plenty of apples and pears but nothing was labeled so you didn't know what type of apples you were picking. This would be really helpful because the apple picking bag references the types and certain apples are better than others for baking. So good overall fruit and products to buy but the organization of the operation and labeling of fruit could use fine tuning. One other suggestion...it was great that Honey Pot had sinks outside to be able to wash your hands but the soap dispenser was empty. These are COVID times so I recognize it is difficult to meet all these new requirements so just take these as pointers to fine tune your operation that already has good products.
Written 6 września 2020
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Ridgefield, CT185 contributions
Good time despite myself!
paź 2019
I grew up picking fruit for food vs entertainment, so I was taken aback by lines for $20 and $30 bags for apples...I was prepared to be grumpy, but the orchard is huge, and it was easy to lose the crowds and clamber up ladders in search of the best apples. Munched a few to decide which varieties I liked--never thinking about pesticides. This place seems like an apple amusement park, but the upside is that there is plenty of staff, great efficiency and organization, and DELICIOUS fresh doughnuts, cider, etc etc. We came right at opening so missed the huge crowds we saw later on. (this was Sunday of Columbus Weekend) Great to see little kids exclaiming over the apples, going on hayrides, etc. My Grinch was quelled.
Written 14 października 2019
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Lincoln, MA48 contributions
Dont forget your wallet!
paź 2019 • Dla rodziny
First time here. I was expecting crowds and I was not disappointed. Columbus weekend and a nice day. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The donuts were good. But, everything had us pulling out our wallet. The small maze was fun. $4 a person. But the large maze was $12.00 a person. I thought it was too expensive. Apples are great. $20 or$30 per bag.
I will go back on a weekday or maybe a rainy day (with boots) . Too many people for me.
Written 13 października 2019
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Perth, Australia59 contributions
Apple picking Bonanza!
paź 2019
This is a fun, very New England experience and there are delicious apples to pick and eat! The crowds can be crazy and I think it's better to visit during the week. We took the hayride to the orchard then picked four different types of apples, and Bosc pears too. The area where you can have a hard cider and sit by the small pond is lovely.

Written 5 października 2019
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Edyta O
Boston, MA604 contributions
Great apples but gets very crowded
wrz 2019
I come to the Honey Pot Hill Orchard every year for apple picking as this is large enough farm to offer great variety of apples and the crowds who visit can get somewhat dispersed among trees. This is indeed a very crowded farm - offers birthday parties (bouncy castles and picnic tables), hedge maze, enclosed areas for baby farm animals (goats, chickens, rabbits and pigs) that can be fed, farm store with more apples, apple pies and cider donuts. There is a small grill stand that sells burgers and sandwiches, plenty of restrooms and several parking lots. There are also hay rides (hmm - a tractor with cubes of straw, the ride is not too long but I guess exciting enough for little kids).
Apples are fantastic, there also pears and earlier in the season peaches and blueberries. Come and leave early if you want to avoid the worst of crowds. The large bag of apples costs $30 (half a bushel) the smaller one - $20. I'm sure families can spend a whole day here (plenty of picnic tables for lunch) and longer walks through the woods are also quite exciting.
Written 28 września 2019
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Sandwich, MA1 092 contributions
Blast for everyone! 1-100!
paź 2018 • Dla rodziny
Every year we pick an orchard to explore . Sometimes repeat our favorites . This year it was honey pot hill! We just loved everything about it! We picked apples, jumped on and off the hayride when ever we were ready to explore a new area! We took the hay ride to the country store first. We watched the apple cider donuts being made {then bought to bags) they were warm and amazingly fresh! We strolled down to look at the animals, then caught the hay ride down to the monster maze! So much fun. Under 12s need an adult with them in this maze! We then took a scenic ride back on the hayride to pick some pear. When we were done , we just hopped on the hay ride and it dropped us right in the parking lot. Get there at open and spend the day. Great bonding experience for our whole family.
Written 22 września 2019
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Jaz P
Seekonk, MA163 contributions
When fun becomes expensive for kids!
wrz 2019 • Pary
A close friend and I decided to do apple picking in this place. It a big orchard. There were apples trees ready for picking and ladders were zprovided for easy access. For apples not ready for picking the trees were cordoned with a plastic yellow rope with signs stating: "not ready for picking". There 2 different bags to buy for you to decide. The small bag was $20 and big one was $30. As we went along to check which tree to pick we overheard the farm personnel reprimanding a teenager for picking apples on the cordoned area. The mother of the kid was so angry and to the man: " I will review this place, etc etc..." The man replied: "do by all means however don't forget to indicate that your son went to the cordoned area with a sign not ready for picking!" We enjoyed going around picking apples. We picked a smaller apple to taste so we could decide which ones to bring home. Along the way signs indicated what kind of apples were there and which ones are ready for picking. It's a fun place for children and adults. There were hay rides, mazes and farm animals. The hay ride was fun - for $2 you can ride all day. It was hop on hop off where you can get off at different stops. There was a big and small maze. I was surprised how this place charges the same amount for children like the adults. We went to the small maze first it was $4 per person. There was young mother with her over a year old daughter ahead of us. When the mother asked how much was the fee for the child she was told it was the same as the adults. Wow.. I was expecting free for children below 2 years old.. not even half the price. I was disappointed for many reasons: the maze didn't have any manpower involved compared to a hayride where a driver was need and gasoline to drive it, the child below 2 years old would not even remember what she was doing at that age, and it would be too costly for parents who were there to have fun. I don't know if the owners read reviews like this but I would suggest to let kids below 2 years old free and below 12 years old should have discounts to help parents especially with a few children enjoy activities like these stretch their budget so they can buy the other goodies in the orchard.
Written 22 września 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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