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Mount Pahia

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Pavel Petrenko
Kitchener, Kanada4 contributions
Looking for the shortest hike up
sie 2020
My wife and I only had about 3 to 4 hours, and we really wanted to reach one of the peaks. We thought we could do it, as it didn’t look that high relative to some of the other hikes we’ve done. We found a way up using the AllTrails app, starting in Vaitape. Unfortunately, the app showed 3 possible starting points. Only 1 was actually viable, and that’s the one which starts on the road by Hina Pearls (see photo). Just go down the road, and near the end, the road turns left before turning into a hiking trail. The hike is extremely steep, make sure to take lots of water. It’s also easy to get lost, which we did. We didn’t notice initially, but going up there were markings on some of the trees. At a certain point, we took the wrong turn and kept going up what vaguely looked like a trail. When we went back down, we saw the correct turn we were supposed to take, confirmed by markings. Since we ran out of time, we couldn’t actually finish the route. Overall, we estimated it would take 3 hours to go up to the very top, and 2 to get back down, for experienced hikers.
Written 27 września 2020
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Neapol, Floryda53 contributions
We came, we hiked, I will never do it again
wrz 2019 • Pary
But seriously.
My husband and I are very active, and will usually do a couple of hikes wherever we travel to. So of course by our 3rd day in Bora Bora we wanted to hike the mountain we had been staring at from the beach for the past few days. We googled it, looked at Trip Advisor, but still couldnt find too much info on it. We did know that paying for a guide would cost us a little under $1000. Not happening! How hard could it be, we figured.
Trail was pretty well marked with red tape all along. There was a point when things were a little unclear if we should go right or left, and we made a left. This is where you really start to wrap around the mountain to make it to the top.
The views at the top of course, were incredible. I am glad we did it, but I would not do it again, and here is why.

To me, it felt more like mountain climbing than a hike. I have come to realize that I am scared of heights. Why would you do this if you are scared of heights? You might ask. Great question. I have hiked all sorts of mountains all over the US and in Europe, but for some reason this one really got me! Also, while using the ropes to go up was fun, going down was definitely more nerve wracking. I spent alot of the time going down “butt scooting” because it felt safer for my center of gravity to be lower to the ground!
Now, once we finished (6 hours) I asked me husband, wasn’t that so hard? Weren’t you scared? Were we at a ridiculous incline? He insists that it really wasn’t that bad! I disagree, and I’ve learned that I prefer easier hikes with no rapelling with ropes and idk, maybe cell service in case an emergency happens?
Overall, super happy we did it, but definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done!
Written 3 października 2019
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Virginia Beach, Wirginia1 316 contributions
2nd Most beautiful mountain on Bora Bora.
sie 2019
Mt. Otemanu is obviously the peak that defines Bora Bora, but what's a peak without a comparatively shorter mountain with which to compare it? Mt. Pahia a grand step that helps build up to the point.
Written 20 września 2019
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Gerrards Cross, UK207 contributions
lip 2018 • Pary
Our hotel Sofitel Marara beach drove us in here around 5pm (about 30 US dollars return) and when we said pick us back up 3 hours later she did give us a quizzical look and we should have paid more attention .Talk about a one saloon town,sadly it was closing when we tried to get a beer,the rest we walked up and down in 30. I tues including one shop and one supermarket,it has no restaurants we could see and was very much for locals rather than tourists,we called the hotel after 40 minutes and asked to be picked up,dropped us back at the Intercontinental hotel for drinks and that wasn’t much better(very amateur service and don,t mistake my comments for island service ,it’s one too avoid as well)
Written 20 sierpnia 2018
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Elaine H
McKinney, Teksas35 contributions
Amazing hike, worth all the trouble to find it!
maj 2017 • Pary
This was a full-on adventure! While I read every single review and tip on how to find and then enter the trailhead for the hike up Mount Pahia, I still struggled to actually figure it out. And while it seemed easy enough, the fire station wasn't obviously marked, nor was the street to where the road up. After spending about an hour hunting down the entrance, off the main road (look by the Bauhaus spirit store, there is a small road up to a neighborhood or village, hidden in plain sight is a sign that basically cautions even thinking about hiking Mt. Pahia), we finally stumbled upon the dirt road up.

As previous reviews noted, this first part of the hike is more or less a warning, full of stray dogs that look like they'd be willing to eat you, there was even some growling and following. I was with my boyfriend who made sure to run them off. We passed by many locals on the way up that barely acknowledged our existence, but also were unphased by our passing through their yards.

At the top of the hill cut to the left by the last house and then head up to an opening. We visited in May of 2017 and the foliage was overgrown and it was beyond difficult to tell what was an actual trailhead. After trying three we were almost ready to give up when we caught a second wind and decided to keep looking. Lucky for us, a local farmer took pity on us and came into the forest and helped us to find the right path (he was barefoot and spoke no English, but he showed us how steep the descent would be and demonstrated bracing ourselves and trees on the way down).

This hike is no joke and it's literally the most amazing feeling in the world when we summited. But the climb up was harrowing and steep, in a rainforest that allows for no air or breeze at any point. We were warned that it was a dangerous hike and that after rain there would be many areas that were narrow and extremely slick. I'm an experienced hiker and wasn't worried, my boyfriend is extremely athletic so we both expected no issues. We were both winded at times and had to stop to rest quite a bit.

I think there were 5 spots that have ropes to pull yourself up on and it was kinda of amazing and crazy at the same time. Don't attempt this hike unless you are experienced and in great shape because it will literally kick your butt otherwise.

Once you summit, the views are incredible and so worth all the fuss in finding the dang trail in the first place. The hike down is fast and steep, not easy in any capacity. I found myself slipping and catching myself on trees as the farmer showed us.

Funny thing, the trees are all marked on the way down, but we never noticed the markings on the way up. I'd rate this is hike as extreme and probably a 4.5 out of 5.

I'd come back to Bora Bora for this adventure all over again!
Written 16 stycznia 2018
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Shrewsbury, UK1 704 contributions
Great Views
wrz 2017 • Pary
Wherever you go in Bora Bora, Mount Pahia looms above. Very beautiful on a clear day when you can spot the flags flying on the top but also beautiful when looking mysterious shrouded in cloud. We drove around the island as saw the many different faces and climates of this mountain, as we drove up not the hills the clouds descended and the atmosphere was much cooler.. soon back down into the sunshine.
We hired a car in Viatape but there aren't many, we had to wait for one to be returned s would recommend book ng ahead. If a cruise liner is in you may well be out of luck unless you've booked ahead. Would not recommend touring if the cruise ship is in, better to wait until the big boat pulls out
Written 12 grudnia 2017
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Aurelien P
Berkeley13 contributions
Tough trail in the Jungle!
maj 2017 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
Steep trail, not always easy to find...start is in front of fire station in Vaitape. I did it without a guide (pre-summit). Real summit is quite exposed and fall can be fatal. But if you are used to mountain hike and easy scramble, it is not particularly difficult. There are ropes at he steepest place. Use your judgment and do not attempt on a rainy day.
Written 10 maja 2017
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Londyn, UK26 contributions
Demanding full day hike with stunning views
mar 2017 • Pary
We decided to push our hiking skills to a new level while on our honeymoon in Feb/March. Mt Pahia is the third highest summit of Bora Bora and the second tallest climbeable. Albeit only 600m tall, the hike is tough, 45 degree steep on average and takes 6-8hrs return. A guide is not cheap but *absolutely* necessary unless you are a really experienced and well prepared hiker.
The route is not marked throughout and difficult to follow. The first hour is a steepish hike starting uphill from Vaitape, and then several sections of steep rope climbing follow to approx 500m. You start taking in the views and proceed with a flatter section that winds around the summit. After that, a 60-70 degrees steep section follows with a long rope part called "the staircase to heaven" (you'll know when you see it). You reach the peak after another steep section which is clear of trees and will see Mt Otemanu and the twin peak of Mt Pahia, which is a few meters higher but even more difficult to summit (via the lower peak you're on.)
Start around 8-9am and you'll be at the top around 12pm-1am. Most of the hike goes through the forest so shaded, but you'll be exposed to the sun closer to the top.
Difficult but doable and definitely worthwhile if you're reasonably fit!
Written 2 marca 2017
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Palm Desert, Kalifornia114 contributions
Go Around the Island on a Moped and Enjoy
paź 2016 • Pary
We on a whim decided to control our own tour of the island on a Moped. You want to take your time a enjoy the most beautiful scenery in the World. What better way than a Moped with a top speed of 30-40MPH. No hurry just enjoy. There is no such thing as traffic on this island. Rent for 4 hours and on the way back do a little shopping in Vaitape
Written 18 października 2016
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San Diego, Kalifornia26 contributions
Memories For Life
paź 2015
French Polynesia happens to be just as stunning if not more so in person than that of the photos we all get to see. I can only tell you from experience that these islands are not as expensive as you may think. Obviously when we travel we expect costs to be higher than at home. However, there is a travel guide by Jan Prince and she lives on the islands, she gives you great advice of costs and where to stay. This church is beautiful and to hear the women sing is worth the visit. We always stay at the Hilton Moorea (now the Conrad Hotel Group and was the Sheraton). The reason is that it was quaint, breathtaking from any room, costs were reasonable. The reef is within swimming distance and if everyone does not touch the coral and destroy it you will see amazing colors of coral, fish and maybe a whale or two with their kids. Food places can be High or Low, you choose - for example, you can go to Mahoganies and pay a little higher for noodle dishes, or you can experience The LeTruck owned and operated from Jan a french woman who has Amazing food! I will leave the experience for you to find out where you are dining, it is "classic". Then you have a cute Pizza stand, Chicken Trucks, etc. I want to go back for my birthday, which one I am not sure, however we have visited these islands over 10 times and they never get old. Enjoy!
Written 4 sierpnia 2016
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