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Wind Creek Montgomery
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Sharon B
Floryda345 contributions
The Latest check in
kwi 2021 • Pary
We arrived at 4 pm for our hotel reservation and were told our room was not ready and checkin was 5. We travel a lot and have never, ever heard of such a LATE check in. We ate at BB Kings while we waited and it was very good food. The room was clean and efficient however, the bed had a thin (think hospital) blanket on it. That’s all. No duvet, no comforter. I was so cold I used bath towels to cover on top of the blanket. We left early (7 am), but just so you know, checkout is 10 am.
Written 28 kwietnia 2021
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1 contribution
The Casino that cause more poverty in an already poverty stricken state
mar 2021 • Znajomi
The casino sucks. Don't play on your card they pray on your playing habits. The machines are bingo not like a real casino slot machine. Bingo don't allow for but 1 player on each type of machine to win..the other players on like machines pay for that win. I got a wind loss statement with with a 35 thousand dollar loss for six months of play and 0 dollars in wins. They are ripping people off in Alabama especially in montgomery where there are more blacks. The so called rewards are not worth it play for 35 thousand is 20 dollars a week..they should be shut down . There is an unbelievable amount of people lives have been ruin..Governor Kaye ivey get kick backs but don't do nothing for the people lives that was ruin by the casino..the gaming commissions need to investigate. Don't play on your card the results will be devasting but you will get so called free juices that really cost you everything.
Written 5 marca 2021
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LaGrange, GA1 contribution
Never Again
mar 2021
Himalayan Player,
Visited Windcreek casino on Dozier road last night (3.3.21) with three other friends for a night of slot playing for the first time. We usually go to their Wetumpka game center.
The visit last night was very disappointing, gaming floor manager should revisit their machine floor layout. We all notice that the floor layout was awful, every other machine was turned off. The plexiglass partitions were all abused, leaning and really a deterrent to playing a game. Every other game was disabled. The main thing we all noticed was no staff sanitizing the machines after a player had vacated a machine.
I personally did not see not one machine being sanitized, nor when you actually did see a machine that you wanted to play you were somewhat apprehensive to set and play the machine. it's scary. At their Wetumpka location the machines are spaced where you can play any machine, the staff are constantly sanitizing them.
The thing we like most about the Wetumpka gaming center the machines are space fairly good. Your game playing options are wide open. If you cannot play this particular machine there is another one just like it seven feet away and it's not disabled for separation purposes. I have to give the Montgomery gaming center credit they do have plenty machines but many are disabled for separation purposes. It kinda reminds you of the old Arcades that were here a while ago a not so professional look. That visit last evening will be my one and only visit.
Written 4 marca 2021
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H Johnson
1 contribution
lut 2021 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
The Wife and I, while traveling through the fine State of Alabama took the time to visit and stayed at the 3 Casinos within Alabama, for each has a Hotel. We suspect that State regulations are not being enforced upon the Owner’s of the Beautiful Casinos built within the State of Alabama. Each facility had outstanding accommodations, except for Windcreek Montgomery, it was very unlike the other 2 Hotels we stay at; Windcreek Atmore and Windcreek Wetumpka. Windcreek Montgomery was nothing in comparison to the other 2 Windcreek establishments, let’s just say; it’s not what one would expect after staying at the other 2 Hotels owned and operated by the same entity.

The Poor People of Alabama are being legally robbed in the Casinos owned by the Porch Creek Indians in Their State, Why?
The State of Alabama along with every other State in the US has their hands full with COVID and one could best bet and Actually Win on the bet, that the Indians are fully aware the epidemic has devastated the Country opening up the endless opportunities to deceive the present participle that are overseeing them.
Porch Creek Indians Shame on you, stealing is stealing.

H Johnson
Nashville, TN
Written 7 lutego 2021
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Murfreesboro, TN76 contributions
Love this place
gru 2020
I have had many great experiences here. The slots are tight but you can still win some here and there. If people have concerns about the staff being nervous about wearing their masks correctly its because they are in constant fear of closure. I have never noticed an issue with the machines or the hotel being dirty. The staff has always treated me with respect and excellent customer service. I walk in with a positive attitude so maybe its just me. Im there for a good time.

Some of us that have good experiences really need to step up and review.

To the staff at the casino, good job and we will see you this Wednesday.
Written 11 stycznia 2021
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Nichole Walls
1 contribution
Worst front desk employee at the hotel
lis 2020 • Pary
My boyfriend and I decided to take off and head to the casino the day before Thanksgiving. When we check in to the hotel we deal with the worst employee ever. His name is Dillon Klein. He rudely told us to fix our masks without even greeting us upon our arrival.Ok... I get it, but i don't think that's how guests of your hotel want to be treated... I know I DON'T! When he started to check us in he was so rude I finally asked to speak to a manager and he told me that there was no one to share my grievance with, that he was the manager. I absolutely love this place but I will not be back to the hotel EVER!!!!

Worst hospitality employee ever
Dillon Klein
Written 25 listopada 2020
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2 contributions
lis 2020
I've been going to WCW for a couple of years now, won some lost a lot but, that's gambling and the only game in town you can do as you please.
But my main complaint today is the Covid-19 concerns, The gaming center people clean somewhat constantly until machines are kind of sticky from wiping with disinfectant. It would seem that the center manager would be in a constant want to make sure all players are wearing their mask while inside of the gaming center. In the past 2 weeks that we have visited the number of people not wearing their mask correctly has grown from say 2 or 3 to 7 or 8. With Covid running out of control and no end in sight the manager would make sure that he has roaming security ppl keeping an open eye out for these people and when spotted given a warning to wear it correctly or you will be asked to leave. I do understand with this mask wearing been so politicized no one wants to get into a altercation over it so they turn their head to it. Even some of the waitresses wear their mask below their nose. That's incorrect. Or better yet maybe have their Police department to do a random roving thru the casino several time a day, better yet get a illustrated 6 foot sign stating and showing the correct way to wear your mask. It's scary.
Written 15 listopada 2020
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1 contribution
Stay away
lis 2020 • Znajomi
I would suggest staying away from this place! They do not keep up with cleaning and the entire hotel and casino was disgusting! The machine was so sticky you would think they would keep up with cleaning especially during Covid-19. Very disappointed and when I mentioned to a supervisor he just brushed it off.
Written 10 listopada 2020
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2 contributions
Terrible costumer service
paź 2020
Hotel WindCreek casino charge me twice plus 50.00 security deposit never refund me I contact many times and nobody can resolve my refund also people answer the phone is insolent and don’t care about it!
Written 12 października 2020
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Lexington, Karolina Południowa6 contributions
Just needed a dryer
wrz 2020 • Znajomi
Everything was excellent UNTIL the morning when I needed a hair dryer, mine didn’t work, and I needed to check out ASAP. Called front desk , no problem will send one up, 30 minutes later sorry housekeeping isn’t here and so you can’t get one! WHAT!!!!! Absolutely no one in the hotel could get me a dryer as I stand there with wet hair needing to leave. After going back and forth the front desk girl wouldn’t budge or do anything, just kept repeating that she could request housekeeping come up once they got here in 1 1/2 hours!!!!!! Furious and confused, I said well I’ll just ask another guess and she said ok! Asked a very nice older man two doors down , no problem happy to help me and thought that was the craziest thing either of us had EVER heard that NOBODY could get me a dryer until housekeeping came in.... and side note of course no manger or supervisor on site at that time, 7:30 am. 😡
Written 24 września 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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