Tomb of Razia Sultan

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Tomb of Razia Sultan
Miejsca historyczne • Starożytne ruiny • Charakterystyczne obiekty i ciekawe miejsca
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The area
Okolica: Chandni Chowk
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  • Chawri Bazar • 9 min walk
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Madhulika L
Noida, Indie3 450 contributions
Very historic but sadly unimpressive
lis 2019
Razia Sultan (CE 1205-1240) was the only woman to sit on the throne of Delhi, having been named successor by her father, Iltutmish. Razia’s reign was a short one, since she had to battle a powerful clique of nobility at the court in Delhi, as well as external enemies. She was eventually defeated in battle and forced to flee, eventually dying in Kaithal, near Karnal.

One would have expected Razia’s tomb, given that she was a Sultan, to be more impressive—and more close to where she had ruled (which would have been around the Mehrauli area). However, possibly because of the proximity of the tomb of the Sufi mystic Turkman Bayabani (the graves of holy people being believed to confer blessings on the area around them), she was buried here, fairly far to the north of where she ruled from.

The tomb itself is unimpressive: instead of a domed roof (or any sort of roof), there is just a small walled enclosure with two cenotaphs, both made of random rubble masonry—no ornamentation, nothing to indicate that this is the last resting place of a Sultan. One grave is Razia’s, the other is unidentified but local legend has it that this is the grave of Razia’s sister Sazia. Beside the cenotaphs, to one side, is a small mosque which has been built fairly recently. If you’re entering the mosque area, make sure you remove your footwear.

Getting to Razia’s Tomb is a little convoluted, but the locals are well aware of where it is, and how to get there: remember to ask for Bulbulikhana, which is the exact name of the neighbourhood where the tomb stands.
Written 31 grudnia 2019
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Rana S
589 contributions
Delhi's only Female monarch : S Asia's first female monarch
mar 2018 • Znajomi
Razia, also spelt Raziya was daughter of Sultan Iltutmish of the Delhi Sultanate.
her father had willed that she should succeed him but nobles put her brother on the throne instead. In 1236 she was crowned as the Sultan of Delhi after deposit her brother. Eventually another brother was crowned & she was driven out of Delhi in 1240.
Intrigues continued and in 1240 she was killed while fighting forces sent by her brother.
Tarikh e Firoz Shahi and Ibn Batuta written in 14th century describe her grave in this area.
It's very neglected and inside narrow and crowded lanes of Bulbulikhana near Turkman Gate.
Written 10 marca 2018
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Gurgaon, Indie1 063 contributions
Abandoned Place
lip 2017 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
Razia Sultan was one of the ruler in Delhi, who ruled between 1236 -1240 AD. She died fighting against her own brother, who got the throne after her death. To reach the tomb of Razia Sultan, you need to cross the narrow streets in Delhi.

How to reach there:

To reach there, get down at Delhi Gate Metro Station. Come outside from gate no. 2. Walk towards Turkman Gate, which is 500 meters away from gate no. 2. There is a way from left side of the Turkman gate. Tomb of Razia Sultan is 500 - 700 meters away from Turkman gate. Ask somebody about the place. You need to walk very congested zig-zag road to reach there.
Written 27 lipca 2017
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Satyendra Garg
Port Blair, Indie6 490 contributions
In anonymity lies buried the first Empress of India. Destiny is unpredictable. She died fighting in 1240 AD.
paź 2016 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
Destiny is unpredictable. Razia Sultan was the first female ruler who ruled over the largest so far area in India. Times were more traditional and she attracted opposition including from her brothers. After a brief reign of 4 years she died fighting a war against and her brother in 1240 AD. This tomb, near Turkman Gate is said to be hers and is totally ordinary and is in utter neglect. Other three graves in the structure are not identifiable.
At the tomb one gets philosophical. Times change. Today you are ruler, tomorrow you are forgotten and nobody cares. Life changes and things too.
It is good to be there and think nothing in life is permanent. Maybe that should be a lesson for everybody.
Good place to learn humility. If this is really Razia's Grave, I find it historically very important.
Written 17 kwietnia 2017
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