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Anammyaa Wellness
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Nowe Delhi, Indie5 contributions
sie 2018 • Pary
I've taken kerala treatment a lot of times from other places, but chose to pick this place only because its closer to my current location. To my surprise, it wasn't worth the 10 5-star ratings given over here. Reasons being:
1) I've taken abhayangam before at other places, so i know what works out for my body. I took an appointment asking for abhayangam. When i went in for massage, i discovered i was assigned only ONE masseur while wherever i've taken this massage, its understood its TWO MASSEURS, and as per my knowledge of this massage, the whole essence of it is that four hands work synchronously on your body inorder to work the way it is supposed to.
So they did send me another masseur, but charged me Rs.600 EXTRA for that. I decided il anyways go for it since i needed to get this done since long.
2) The masseurs weren't in as much sync as i'd like it. Also, one of my masseur was giving hard pressure and one was average pressure. I had told them i want hard pressure. They didn't do a bad job overall, but it wasn't the best i've had either!
3) After the massage we went back to the doctor who had initially examined our pulse and advised the suitable oil and modifications to the abhayangam. She then started explaining us the further course of treatment required and the package amount etc. Meanwhile some tea was served, after which we asked where do we need to pay.
What i found weird here is that their doctor did everything, from receiving us at the reception, to examining our pulse, then after therapy explaining the package and being a total saleswoman trying to sell the service, and then even taking the payment and giving us the bill.
What kind of a place makes their doctor do odd jobs from covering up for the receptionist to being the sales manager to billing the service?
4) They had told us that they usually do single masseur abhyangam and that if you ask for two masseur, you get charged extra. My question is there was no mention of this EXTRA cost on their rate list, nor did they mention it separately on the bill. WHY? why isnt the system transparent?

Overall, i'll suggest anyone to go to other kerala spas which will provide abhayangam for Rs.1500-2000 and give you two masseur without asking for it while it is Rs.2100 here at Anammyaa for single masseur abhayangam and Rs. 2700 for two masseur abhayangam. Also, the bill i've received elsewhere has proper mention of exactly what service is taken and not some random "therapy charges" mentioned. (please see the pictures attached)
Written 12 sierpnia 2018
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Dear Bhavna Our price list is at the reception printed and on brouchers too for anybody to pick and see. Since you had asked for two therapists after the start of the treatment we provided you the same. Regarding the price yes they both are different single hand Abhayangam is for 2100/- and synchronized Abhayangam is for 2700/- so you were correctly charged for the same. And yes this is clearly mentioned on the rate list since the inception of Anammyaa Wellness 14 years Back. Our Doctors assists the customers and patients from beginning till the end and in no way it is weird to help and assist. Hope we have clarified all your doubts.
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Charlotte, Karolina Północna1 contribution
The Best Spa in India!
wrz 2017 • Znajomi
I have received Anammyaa Wellness products for years now and the quality and effectiveness of their healthcare line are far superior to other brands! Since using a variety of their hair and skin treatments I have seen noticeable improvements, and my friends and family have too! My overall physical and psychological well-being has been positively enhanced and it's amazing! I only wish I had found out about these fountain of youth secrets before! I highly recommend the services of Anammyaa Wellness if you seek healthy and proven ways to good health!
Written 7 września 2017
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rohit k
Nowy Jork, Nowy Jork14 contributions
A pleasant introduction to Ayurveda and wellness
lip 2017 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
I visited Anammyaa Wellness in the month of July 2017. I visited for a variety of reasons - hair loss, repeated fatigue, stiffness of back and general need for some body pampering. While I expected to be marched directly into a therapy room, I was pleasantly surprised when I was first taken to the doctor's chamber. Dr. Bindu greeted me and carried out a 'Naadi Parikshan' - where she examined my pulses for a few minutes and pretty much summed up the current situation of my health. I was surprised with her knowledge and skills, when she discovered things like my Vitamin D12, B3 deficiency; recurring issues with my allergies; and identified the issue with my back (before I even told her) on the basis of the pulse reading. She then recommended that I take the 'Shiro Abhyangam' (Ayurvedic oil massage for the head) and 'Ek-ang Abhyangam' (Ayurvedic oil massage for the back). I then underwent the 60 minute therapy - (masseuse - Jai). The therapy rooms have excellent ambience, and they are equipped with showers for after the massage.

Overall, I was very very happy with my experience and I'm waiting for the next opportunity to return to Anammyaa. I would highly recommend to all my friends and anyone else reading this review.
Written 6 września 2017
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Sangeeta Bahuguna
Nowe Delhi, Indie670 contributions
Anammyaa ...A way to wellness !!!
lip 2017 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
Anammyaa is an ayurvedic wellness center at the Global Foyer, Gurgaon which is been run by my good friend Ashma Khanna Sachdeva for more than a decade and have been there n number of times but always in between meetings in Gurgaon and never ever thought of sparing time for trying out any therapy inspite of getting raves reviews from friends who have benefited from their treatments. So this time I planned my trip to Gurgaon specially and wow what an experience it was.
First of all their very experienced Doctor did my naardi parikshan (traditional pulse reading) and briefed me of the deficiencies of my system and what all should I be taking to overcome, which we normally neglect. Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu system of medicine which had taken a back seat but now after seeing the side effects of other medicines more and more people are turning to Ayurveda for wellness and treatment.
I got the hot oil massage done, of full body by their experts and it was very very relaxing and rejuvenating followed by ubtan beauty treatment with a good and very effective scrub of herbs, honey, rice and milk. It was a full one hour treatment which actually made me feel lighter. After a shower had their green herbal tea and felt really pampered.
Wish I was staying in Gurgaon so could go there often to get my back ache treated and a whole lot of kinds of health treatments done. I am sure driving down all the way again to this wellness heaven!!
Written 27 lipca 2017
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Amit S
New Delhi42 contributions
A new orientation to an age proven tradition
kwi 2016 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
Till Anammyaa did not know that Ayurveda could be so contemporary yet so seeped into tradition.

The team at Anammyaa follows traditional ayurveda therapies to deal with modern day ailments with precision and effectiveness.

They have sustainable solutions to lifestyle ailments and maladies that are extremely impressive.

And after all that is said and done its amazingly relaxing and phenomenally invigorating.

Written 13 kwietnia 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.
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