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The 7 Cascadas
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marion l
1 contribution
Kids robbing you!! Don’t go!!
cze 2018 • Znajomi
The waterfalls were quite nice but the day ended badly as 2 boys have been “attacking” us to take our money and phones. They had big knifes and made us give all we had.
I would rather tell you not to go as most of the waterfalls have lots of trashes, so for me it is really not worth it.
If you really wanna go, take a guide with you!!
Written 2 czerwca 2018
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San Francisco, Kalifornia5 contributions
Easy and nice get away from Sucre, better not alone. Be prepared to rock climb if you want to get beyond cascade #2
gru 2017 • Pary
Went on Dec 10 together w a new friend since we had both heard about knife hold ups.
Went on a Sunday, so knew there would be local families on picnic, and picnic they did-- bringing big speakers, all the kids and dogs, and mama and her grill, despite the rocky ascents. It was really sweet, and one family even offered us drinks :). It also felt safer, as the area is indeed quite isolated.
To address the truly lamentable experience of the reviewers who were robbed: we did, at hill's end, encounter one drunk or drugged youth carrying 2 full bottles of rum and coke who engaged us, seemingly for us to buy the drinks, but just saying "así? Así?! Así!" And he was, indeed, holding a kitchen knife. We also later found a kitchen knife just lying in the middle of the road. With the kid we met, I kept walking and my male friend engaged with words and stance, but nothing became violent. So if you want to heed such experiences just remember that Alegria is an end-of-the-road town and the walk is relatively isolated. For a day with less hill walking and perhaps this risk, you could hire a taxi (which reviewers say is only 20 Bol one way) to take you to the carpark above the waterfalls and negotiate a waiting period to take you back. Highly recommend spending some time exploring the rocky river bed if you do so (you walk this anyway if you come from the bus). The cascades themselves are pretty tricky to climb, for myself was doable from #2 to #3 cascade only because I took my bulky trek shoes off to scale the wall and could leave my bag and phone with my friend as I attempted not falling into the water ... Or down the cliff. I did take an intentional plunge in the water before leaving, which was refreshing! And yes, there is trash. But I've seen worse. Was glad I got the chance to do it given my itinerary. Good luck!
P.s. About the bus: Catch the 12 bus from the parada on Calle Batalla de Junin before (rather than at) the mercado central as you are more likely to be able to grab a seat when people disembark.
Written 24 grudnia 2017
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Bridget M
2 contributions
PLEASE READ. Take extreme caution
lis 2017 • Znajomi
We visited the seven cascades on 13th November. It is beautiful and fun to explore but our experience here was terrifying. We were followed by three males in their late teens upon reaching some of the last cascades. We were about to leave and one of them approached us speaking in Spanish asking for money. We could not communicate because we spoke minimal Spanish. He pulled out a very large knife and demanded that we hand over all of our important belongings - camera, mobile phone, money etc. I would advise extreme caution towards visiting this place. I do not like to leave negative comments but we do not want anyone experiencing the same as we did. If you choose to go, go in a large group. It is very isolated here and you are easily trapped. Hopefully this does not happen to anybody else ):
Written 13 listopada 2017
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Londyn, UK7 contributions
Not worth it
kwi 2017 • Pary
The best thing about the trip is the walk into the valley and on to the riverbed. It really is quite stunning but once you get to the '7 Cascadas' it is a real let down. Broken glass, plastic bags and brown murky water. In hindsight I wouldnt have bothered.
Written 11 kwietnia 2017
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Michael H
22 contributions
sty 2017 • Znajomi
Nice to go if you spent sometime in Sucre to go out of the City.
Number 12 Pink Alegria which leaves from the Mercado Central and
its just a 1,50 Boliviano so nothing to complain about.
Written 5 lutego 2017
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Scarborough, Australia268 contributions
Good dip
sty 2017 • Pary
A really nice hike to get out to the waterfalls. Not the greatest that you will see but a really nice walk and some climbing required once you get there. There had been some rain a few nights before we went so the 1st place was nice enough for a swim but apparently it gets nicer the higher you go. We wore flip flops which was ok but sometimes tough for the downhill, but good for crossing the stream. If you want to go further I would recommend some proper shoes.
Written 11 stycznia 2017
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Singapur, Singapur848 contributions
A Trickle of Water in the Drier Months
paź 2016 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
Visited the 7 Cascades before the rainy season, and so it was more like a trickle than a cascade. I joke that you probably get a higher flow of water in your shower! Still, it is a change from the usual cityscape of Sucre.
Written 6 listopada 2016
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Londyn, UK16 contributions
Great for a dip
paź 2016 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
Did this with a group of friends. Got the number 12 bus (pink 12!) to the last stop and then navigated to the waterfalls. I expected so much litter based on previous review but I was more than surprised to see it not so bad along the trek. Wear hiking shoes, as it's a bit of a hike from the bus, but the valley in which the falls are located is really impressive. It was dry season so the waterfalls weren't pumping massively but we had a great dip in crystal clear water at the second/third falls. There were loads of locals here too and on the bus back we had a great chat with them. Go early so you can swim and frolic as they say.
Written 29 października 2016
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Lima, Peru28 contributions
Nice pools/waterfalls but area full of garbage
sie 2016 • Dla rodziny
I did a walking tour of the cascades in August of 2016 (with Condor Tours). The tour lasted from 9 - 4 and started with an unexpected visit to the dinosaur footprint wall (which had nothing to do with seeing the cascades?). Then after a short (30 minute bus ride) we started walking into the cascades. The walk was mostly through a largely dry river bed. Although the surrounding were nice, the riverbed was full of garbage and animal/human waste. Frankly, it was like walking through a garbage dump. Sad. Ironic given that Bolivia rightly publicizes the indigenous peoples' belief in the Pachamama (Mother Earth)--but here, what you saw was total disrespect for the environment. The walk can be a little difficult scrambling over rocks and scree. The cascades themselves were pretty anti-climatic as it was the dry season--there was little running water and the pools were not very deep. While our group was mostly fit and young, it should be noted that climbing up from one pool to another was a bit tricky and often involved getting wet and slipping over stones and pulling up partially wet walls of stone (none of this difficulty was mentioned in advance by the tour operator). Given the garbage strewn everywhere, and significant presence of animal and human waste in the riverbed, I can not imagine how the tour folks suggest that one can swim in the pools but at least in my group, one young man, seemingly bent on impressing some of the women, did so. I appreciated very much that our tour guides picked up more than two large bags of garbage near the cascades but this was a drop in the bucket. Our group did have a lovely lunch at the first major cascade (dry) and then climbed up two more pools but then called it quits and lay in the sun. Afterwards, there was a relatively demanding up hill climb for the better part of 30 minutes to climb out of the riverbed to the bus. This would have been a nice day's outing if not for the garbage. Johnny, our lead guide was very nice, knowledgeable about the area and thoughtful about the folks on the tour.
Written 17 sierpnia 2016
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Jack R
Leticia, Kolumbia26 contributions
Beautiful spot to swim and jump from the rocks
kwi 2016 • Znajomi
Loved this spot, jump from the 3rd waterfall, swim a bit a dry in the sun with a beer and picnic.

Catch the red 12 bus from the central market to the last stop, the ask the locals for directions. 30 mins on the bus and 30 more to walk. Bring food and water for the day because there's usually no shop open.
Written 12 lipca 2016
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