Geological Museum of China

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Geological Museum of China
09:00 - 16:30
09:00 - 16:30
09:00 - 16:30
09:00 - 16:30
09:00 - 16:30
09:00 - 16:30
09:00 - 16:30
09:00 - 16:30
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  • Fuchengmen • 9 min walk
  • Xinjiekou • 10 min walk
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Very good

Belfast, UK447 contributions
Very Well Done Museum
paź 2020
If you're taking the Metro, take the 4th line to Xisi Station, exit D will put you right in front of the Museum, literally 25 metres to the Entrance/Exit.
Admission didn't cost me anything, just had to show ID,
Displays on the 1st and 2nd floors were open, 3rd and up were closed for renovations.
1st floor had the story of geology from the creation of the Earth through to earthquakes, ground water and erosion.
2nd floor had rocks, minerals and gems.
This is not really a museum for kids, older kids will likely be okay, especially once the fossil floor reopens.
The displays are in English and Chinese.
The collection is extensive, so if you are not interested in hundreds of different types of rocks, gems and minerals, don't go.
I'll go back once the other floors reopen.
They seriously did a solid job with this place, it is geared towards serious people, not kids or entertainment. It's a smaller museum, especially with closed floors, so expect maybe an hour to wander around, depending on your level of interest.
A very good place to visit.
Written 31 października 2020
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Jane J
102 contributions
Nice, varied colleection of specimens
gru 2018 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
I visited in December 2018 and was delighted to find 4 floors of specimens. I keep a museum sketchbook and so ended up spending 3 hours there. They have some very large geodes, nicely displayed set into rock as if in their original setting. On the ground floor there are fascinating displays about rock formation, with a lot of very detailed information. It is true, that as you reach the top floor there are fewer descriptions in english, but there is plenty to see if you like geology and lots of information in english on the lower floors. There are precious stones on several floors and wonderful examples of carved stones, not just jade. I would definitely go there again.
Written 30 grudnia 2018
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Rumunia64 contributions
Jade, dimonds and ...stunning fossils!!!
lip 2017 • Pary
Decidedly an unfarely underrated place to see in Bejing!
The museum is right outside the XISI Metro station, and is farely large (4 floors) and contains a vast collecion of minerals, fossils and gems. If you want to know more about the exotic civilisation of jade, you will visit the right place, as many jade exibits are sculpted by great artisans of China in the past inspired by their myths. My girlfriend was excited to see a grea collection of rare and precious gems from China and all around the word, including the dimonds cut in different shapes. I was charmed by the great skeletons of huge animals (T-rex head, Plesiosaurus, a replica of the Shandong Dinosaur in the hall) and strange lovecraftian sea creatures(Sea Lillies) and a few Archeopterix fossils! You will also find here the bones of the first human(and humanoid )beings of Asia!
Also the chinese people hosted ther a veritable "shrine" dedicated to the first chinese geologists and a reconstruction of the fist seismograph in the world invented by a curious mandarin whith an amazing lifestory. Some zones are interactive. The fist floor has a huge memorabilia shop with amazing jade stauettes (you feel as if you are buying the precious exibits of the museum).The stuff was very friendly and the front desk ladies speak English. It was wonderful for us and a MUST SEE for all the people who love earth and it`s treasures!
Written 29 czerwca 2018
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Jim N
208 contributions
Good overview
lut 2018 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
Not a bad museum for the history of geology in China. Some nice exhibits of rare rocks and minerals.
Written 28 lutego 2018
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Singapur, Singapur1 348 contributions
Needs maintenance.
lis 2017
Reachable by subway station XiSi. The museum is opposite the Guangji Temple, a Buddhist monastery. After a visit to the temple, you could cross the road and enter the museum compound. However the museum main entrance is facing the other side of the street. Entrance fee payable but cheap. The museum is relatively empty when you go early. But starts to get crowded in the late morning when the school excursion to the museum starts. Earth’s geography and geological history is well depicted with many exhibits and models spread over 4 storeys. However I think it needs conscientious maintainence as some of the exhibits are not in working conditions and in poor state of display. Still it’s a place to go for it’s affordable ticket price and especially for people who are into geological stuff.
Written 19 listopada 2017
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Tom K
Melbourne, Australia90 contributions
Wonderful Geology
mar 2016 • Biznesowy
Numerous gallery's filled with fossils and in particular Minerals , we displayed with quality specimens , many of the gallery's have English writing though not all.
Great retail shop though not cheap .

Written 20 marca 2016
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San Carlos, Kalifornia598 contributions
Needs a refreshed modern look and service
sty 2016 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
It's directly accessible from exit D of the Xisi metro station on line 4. Gate fee is 30 RMB. The museum spans 5 floors. English signage begin very detailed on the 1st floor but become more sparse as you go through each floor. Eventually, not a single line of English text can be found on the 5th floor. The exhibit rooms are dimly lit in general. Seems like the lighting is sparingly used for the display cases. Many of the electronic information stands were not functioning or were dismantled for repair. Also the first floor bathroom was out of service, and there was an awful smell from that area. The museum needs a refreshed modern look and service.

You can pair this visit with a short walk to the Temple of Ancient Monarchs. I think you should pass over both sites.
Written 29 stycznia 2016
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Becky Nao K
Berlin, Niemcy158 contributions
Good for elementary and junior high school students
gru 2014 • Dla rodziny
The museum is perfect for younger students, as an introduction to geology. It is also interesting to see how many rock formations are unique to China. The technique of showing the collections needs improvement, but this is a general issue you would encounter in many museums in China. It is easily accessible by subway.
Written 6 stycznia 2015
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Filadelfia, Pensylwania407 contributions
Amazing mineral collection!
lip 2013 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
As others have said, the museum has excellent signs in English and it's very informative. It describes basic earth science / geology concepts well and goes into more specific detail about rock and mineral composition for folks more schooled on the subject. The rock and mineral collection is outstanding! The fossil hall is lacking, but I think there's also a paleontological museum in Beijing. A gret place whether or not you have a burning interest in geology.
Written 7 lipca 2013
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Vancouver, B.C.711 contributions
A nice museum if you have a special interest
maj 2013 • Znajomi
This is a nice museum if you have a special interest. We were with a geologist who wanted to see this museum so we went along. It was very informative and well laid out with good English signs. It looked like it was designed with children and school groups in mind, with lots of interactive displays. Many of the interactive computer screens were not working, though, and there was dust in some of the display cases, so it may not get a lot of budget for upkeep. Since it is not in any of the tourist guidebooks we practically had the whole place to ourselves. The guards seemed almost amused by our presence. We especially enjoyed the fossil collection on the third floor. You can touch some of the fossil remains, which is nice. There is a complete skeleton of a young dinosaur on display. The gemstone display was very good. The gift shop has lots of high-end gems, which you can be certain are genuine, along with some high-end prices. Very nice to look at. If you are a casual visitor, an hour will be enough time. If you have a special interest, allow a couple of hours (our friend was over the moon about this museum). Don't miss the large samples on display in the parking lot. Tickets are 30 Rmb per adult.
Written 22 maja 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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