Liebfrauen- oder Überwasserkirche

Liebfrauen- oder Überwasserkirche opinie, Muenster

Liebfrauen- oder Überwasserkirche

Liebfrauen- oder Überwasserkirche
Miejsca historyczne • Kościoły i katedry
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John S
Bedford, UK315 contributions
Elegant Parish Church with long and distinguished history
gru 2018
The 'Church over the Water' is over the River Aa from the Cathedral and is close to parts of the University and in the same square as a famous bookshop that is a central part of a German TV detective series 'Tatort'. Its origins go back to 11th Century and a dedication to Mary. We looked into the church because its environs played host to one of Munster's five Christmas markets and were delighted to discover a beautiful parish church which is well worth a visit. The church is clearly an active faith community and keen to contribute to the city's cultural and spiritual life - there was an excellent exhibition of large scale photographs taken from the Hubble Space Telescope opposite a quiet, reflective display about helping people who lose children in childbirth. And in the centre of the church a startling star shaped bed of sand for lighting memorial candles with a suffering Christ figure suspended over it. The figure is not mounted on a cross. The combination of the church's elegant architecture and thoughtful displays made this a perfect Christmas testimony - light in a dark world. The church has an honourable history in making a stand - it was the place where on 20 July 1941, Clemens August Graf von Galen, Bishop of Munster, delivered a famous sermon against the Nazi regime. Courage indeed - light in a dark world. Ironically, the church was destroyed in World War II by allied bombing. Like much of Munster, the church underwent a restoration that was completed in 1968. Walking over the water will take you slightly away from the tourist route into a quiet, amost village-like, suburb with lots of character. We saw it milliing with people at the Christmas market, but the church is worth a visit at any time.
Written 27 grudnia 2018
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Jeff R
28 contributions
medieval meets modern
lis 2018 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
I have lived next to this church for over 15 years. I hear its bells regularly. It was originally built in 1300 and was badly destroyed in the Second World War. For this reason, when you walk into the church, you immediately realize that you are confronted with a church that is originally classic Gothic which has undergone many historical changes. I recommend this church not as a monument of Gothic art (though it is), but as a monument to how medieval meets modern after the catastrophe of the Second World War. Next to this church is the stunning ultra-modern "Bishop's Library" or rather "Diözesanbibliothek" which is also worth a quick visit (the interior is absolutely stunning) - and this ultra-modern edifice answers the question: what sort of building do you erect next to an historical church from the year 1300?
The interior of the church is very serene.
It is also the church where the bishop of Münster, later cardinal, Von Galen delivered one of his sermons denouncing the Nazis' policy of gassing the mentally retarded. He was the only bishop in Germany during the Nazi period to raise his voice in protest. So, if you visit the church, pause for a minute and think back to 1941. There were Gestapo spies in the congregation of course when Bishop von Galen delivered his denunciation (later reprinted by the British and distributed as flyers from airplanes over Germany as evidence of the Catholic resistance to Hitler). Some of the listeners didn't know how to react. Some left, most stayed.
Maybe it's worth lighting a candle here before you leave.
Written 8 listopada 2018
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