Reservoir Range

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Reservoir Range
08:00 - 17:00
08:00 - 17:00
08:00 - 17:00
08:00 - 17:00
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79 reviews
Very good

Silver Spring, Maryland232 contributions
New owners. Fun excursion!
gru 2016 • Pary
We visited Reservoir Range in December of 2016, while on our honeymoon. My husband is familiar with clay target shooting and although he was excited to shoot, he wasn't expecting a top notch facility. He was pleasantly surprised with our great experience. Recently bought by new owners, a lot of work had been done which is now a family run facility.

If you like to shoot, then I would suggest booking an excursion here. The taxi ride from our resort (Galley Bay), which is close to the cruise port, was about a half hour. Well worth the ride. Once arriving, we were greeted by the owner, who was friendly and helpful. He took us out on the Sporting Clays course and we both shot the course (I am a novice but hit some targets!). Paths led to new stands and shelters and it was quite attractive. My husband enjoyed it so much, that he opted for a second round!

They also have a Paint Ball area and a group of guys had just finished up before we left. It was easy to see they had a great time. Another option is the Air Gun range.

We spent about two hours there which included some relaxation on their large deck. That left plenty of time in the day to continue exploring the island.
Written 7 maja 2017
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Mississauga,Ontario71 contributions
Lots of fun
mar 2016 • Pary
Took my husband here for his birthday and we had a blast. We started off with air pistols (a bit boring in my opinion but he loved it) and then continued on to archery. That was definitely a lot of fun and the instructor was great. My daughter and I had a fun time playing the free table games that were available when we wanted something else to do. Nice environment makes you want to hang out. Good food too.
Written 18 maja 2016
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Aaron W
White Plains16 contributions
Fun place and a neat excursion to take!
mar 2016 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
This range WAS closed for a while, and re-opened under new ownership a few months back.
I'm an enthusiast of the projectile sports as well as travel to warm places. I decided to combine both and booked the archery, air pistol and sporting clays package. I paid approx $145 US to do the combined experience which took me approximately 2.5 hours or so. Cab ride there from Falmouth Harbor was faster than I thought it would be and very smooth. Staff at the Range are very nice, and are there to make sure you are safe and have a good time. I would recommend all three activities, but keep in mind that the air pistols (Crossman replicas of a .357 revolver) are a big worn from heavy use - no biggie - they still worked fine. In addition, the shotguns (Over/Under, your choice of 20 or 12 gauge) must be brought to the range by the Antiguan police - so if they are tied up with a big event or responding to a major incident the firearm(s) might not be available. So keep that in mind - the people running the range were nice enough to keep me in the loop as to the available of the police and the shotgun, so when the stars lined up the whole package became available, and I went.
Written 8 marca 2016
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UK/Antigua8 923 contributions
lut 2014 • Wyjazd w pojedynkę
Reservoir Range is now permanently closed. I am not aware of any plans for it to reopen in the near future.
Written 4 lutego 2014
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Four Marks, UK231 contributions
Previous review removed
gru 2013
Please do not book this.
They will take a deposit of $50.00 and then cancel your day 1 hour before you are due to be there.
Like us and several others we spoke to you then have a battle to get your deposit back.
Written 28 grudnia 2013
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Reading, UK16 contributions
If only
gru 2013 • Dla rodziny
I booked the new combo package whilst still in England and my husband son and I were really looking forward to it. It took me along time to initially book the activity as emails were not replied to so eventually I telephone William and booked with him directly and then went online to pay the $50 USD deposit. When I got to our resort I tried to get hold of William again to reconfirm everything was ok and again it proved quite difficult but managed in the end to speak to him.
On our chosen day we got up early and were really excited and looking forward to our day sadly though about 1hour before we were due to leave in our booked taxi I received a telephone call from William saying that the ranges shot guns are kept by the police and that they had not arrived so the day would have to be cancelled and that it was his last day at the range as he was leaving. We were disappointed to say the least and when I mentioned the deposit being returned he was very vague and non committal about it.
So no shooting for us, I did try several time to get hold of someone at the range after this day to re book and I got no response what so ever and I am still waiting for the deposit to be returned. Such a surprise after many positive reviews was it just bad luck?........ I'm not sure
Written 23 grudnia 2013
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England3 contributions
Well worth a visit
gru 2013 • Znajomi
I recently spent a week in Antigua and can honestly say that the trip to reservoir range was one of the highlights. I had never shot before and the instructor, a guy called Will was really helpful and the whole experience was awesome. Afterwards we stayed for a few drinks and he was really friendly. If you're thinking about it then definitely go for it.
Written 9 grudnia 2013
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Bill K
Austin, Texas, United States30 contributions
Bike to Half Moon Bay
lis 2013 • Pary
Half Moon Bay is a great uncrowded beach well off the beaten path. Getting their via mountain bike is some exercise and a lot of fun! My wife and I exited our cruise ship and negotiated to get a taxi ride to Reservoir Range (by Potsworks dam). To our surprise, no taxi driver wanted to take us to the Range since it wasn't a place where they could fill their van with other tourists. We finally got a driver to agree to take both of us for $60 round trip after they tried to talk us into just about every other spot on Antigua. It is about a 20 minute taxi ride. The Reservoir Range facility is very nice and well maintained. We were greeted by William, the same person I exchanged emails with to reserve the bikes. They have about 15 mountain bikes. We paid $50 each for the bikes for the day. They provide a helmet and a bottle of water per person. The 1/4 mile ride back to the main road is very rough, but after that it is paved road all the way to Half Moon Bay. Luckily, though narrow, the main road doesn't have a lot of traffic so the ride is actually very enjoyable. The 5 mile ride to the beach goes through a couple of small towns and a lot of rural area providing a good feel for the Antigua countryside away from the primary tourist areas and took us a little less than an hour each way. We heard some dogs barking during the ride but fortunately didn't encounter any dogs with us on the roadway. (Which was good given that we were basically riding alone). The bikes were in good, but not perfect shape, and we did experience some minor jumpiness with the gear shifting on the bikes and both of us had our chains pop off a couple of times. However, the bikes were the best I have ever rented while on a cruise. My wife has a bad knee and there are definitely a couple of steep hills on the route so the round trip 10 mile ride turned out to be a good distance. The view coming into Half Moon Bay is unbelievable! Then you come down a pretty steep hill (you will want to use your brakes) which takes you right to Smilin' Harry's just outside the gate of the beach. You can leave the bikes with Harry and then walk the short distance to the beach itself. The beach is beautiful with a lagoon feel to it and there were about 20 people on it over its half mile or so of sand. It is surrounded by hills and rocks making it very scenic. Currently, the beach is isolated with no open hotels or restaurants etc. on it. If you want food or drink Smilin' Harry's has you covered. We stayed at the beach for over an hour before dark clouds started to form so we headed back to the Range. We swung by Harry's to use the restroom and reload with fresh water bottles, thanked Harry for watching our bikes and headed out. We did have to walk up the steep hill just outside of the bay, but even with my wife's bad knee the bikes had sufficient gearing for the rest of the route. I recommend you pay attention to how you get to the beach since there are only red route arrows to get you to the beach, not back. It isn't hard because the route basically just follows the main road, but since the roads aren't well marked it is theoretically possible to get lost. Once back at the Range, William called our taxi driver to come get us. During the 45 minutes it took for the taxi to make its way back to the Range, we got a chance to talk with William and just enjoy the Range's outdoor patio. I did pick up a couple of mosquito bites on the patio so spray would have been useful. As we were driving back to the port, it started to rain very hard so we were glad we left since bike riding on a narrow, hilly road in a driving downpour wouldn't have been fun (or safe). All and all a great day and welcome chance to enjoy some peaceful quality time together and to take a respite from being with a couple thousand other cruisers.
Written 7 grudnia 2013
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Stony Point, Nowy Jork46 contributions
This place is awesome!!!
lis 2013 • Znajomi
Myself, my husband and another couple we are friends with decided before leaving to go to Antigua that we wanted to visit Reservoir Range! I read the reviews ahead of time and everyone who went was extremely happy with their experience, plus it's something that none of us had ever done before!

I contacted William several weeks before our vacation and he was SO wonderful in helping us decide what activities we should do! We ultimately opted for the 3 activity package which consisted of air pistol shooting, clay pigeon shooting and archery! You also have to arrange your own transportation which was very easy b/c William gives you the name of a guy who will gladly pick you up and take you back when you are ready! His name is Sean and his info is on the website.

Let me tell you...we had THE BEST TIME EVER!!!! The place is beautiful, laid out wonderfully and all of the equipment is very well taken care of! William was with us the whole time and he couldn't have been nicer or more patient! As I said above, none of us had ever done these activities before and he made us feel so comfortable! He is just such a nice person to spend a few hours with! The bonus was that he is such a good teacher that we all did really well at all 3 activities and will now be looking for places at home to do them more often!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE book an excursion to Reservoir Range! I promise you will not be disappointed! We travel a lot and have done hundreds of excursions and this one is 100% in my top 3 of all time!

Thanks again William! You are a great guy and you made our trip extra special :)
Written 18 listopada 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Shari B
Kentwood, MI17 contributions
Mountain bike to Half Moon Bay
lis 2013 • Pary
We arrived via cruise ship and took a taxi at 9am to Reservoir Range, arriving at 9:30. Taxi cost $30 cash one-way so do ask if any RR staff are able to pick you up (they did provide a ride back to the ship after our day, which we greatly appreciated). We chose the Half Moon Bay trail (red trail). Bring 2 liters of water per person (we brought one liter each and RR provided an additional liter for each of us). Check your bike before leaving - one of ours had a banged up gear shifter. The red trail is on the paved road but traffic was light. There are hills and I confess we walked the bikes up a few of them. Incredible views of the island and ocean. This beach was one of our favorites from our trip. Hardly anyone there. Be sure to walk over to the rocks to watch the waves crashing in. Had lunch at Smiling Harry's, which also has a bathroom. I was nervous about the ride back due to the heat but actually we found that the ride back was easier (it took 1.5 hours for us to reach the beach and just 1 hour for us to get back to RR). It was a great day and recommended, especially if you are in good shape to bike hills and are prepared for the heat.
Written 18 listopada 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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