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Bharat Koop
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Very good

Noida, Indie123 contributions
Collection of Holi water
gru 2019 • Znajomi
Best time to go in summer . You can take bath in this water . It is pure water you can store and you can drink like ganga water. Several places holi water mixed in this well . So must enjoy this place
Written 30 grudnia 2019
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Mumbaj (Bombaj), Indie217 contributions
Nothing great
sie 2019 • Znajomi
Old place to visit so visit if you had all other sightseeing in the city. It is not very far from the city
Written 31 sierpnia 2019
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Bangalore70 contributions
Must see, tasty water
wrz 2017 • Dla rodziny
This is the well which has pure water from all the rivers. These waters were carried by Bharath to do abhishek for his brother Lord Ram and bring him back as a King to Ayodhya. But when Lord Ram refused to go back, Bharath asked what he must do with this water. Lord Ram tells him to follow the instruction of Atri Maharshi. Accordingly, Bharath pours all the water he brought into this well. So it is believed that this well has the water from all sources. It is very cool, neat and tasty.
Written 14 października 2017
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arun sharma
Jalandhar, Indie452 contributions
Bharat Milap Station
lut 2017 • Znajomi
Bharatkoop is famous for its sacredness.Sh Ram Chandra living in exile at Chitrakoot forests.Sh Bharat, the younger brother Of Sh Lord Ram came to bring him back at Ayodhaya to accept the Kingdom. He brought the water of sacred rivers for Abhishek (Ceremony) When lord Rama did not accept the Bharat request he put the the sacred water in the well.It is believed that when we fetch water from the well it tastes different every time.
Written 25 kwietnia 2017
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arun sharma
Jalandhar, Indie452 contributions
A Sacred Place
wrz 2016 • Dla rodziny
Bharatkoop is a sacred place known for its temple and well. It is said when Shree Bharat came to know that Shree Ram has gone to exile .He decided to bring his elder brother as King of Ayodhaya. So he collected sacred water of all the rivers with him so that Lord Rama become as a King of Ayodhaya with ritual ceremony. When Lord Rama refused to accept then water is put on this well .The Pilgrims used to get the water for their good use as Gangajal and have bathe their too.
Written 10 października 2016
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Meerut, Indie85 contributions
Very average place
cze 2016 • Dla rodziny
Very average place. Those who have interest in Ramayan' history should go. It is a well, believed to be a witness of Ram Bharat Milap. Not maintained good.
Written 23 czerwca 2016
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Bangalore, Indie546 contributions
Bharat Koop at Chitrakoot
mar 2014 • Znajomi
Some of the people who are unable to understand the inner meaning and divine scheme in the events or episodes in Ramayana have mistaken that Sri Rama went to forest because of Bharatha’s mother Kaikeyi who was instigated by her hunch-back maid. In reality it is not so. Bharatha was son of Kaikeyi and the second son of king Dasaratha of Ayodhya. To understand the secret of the play it is necessary to recall the back-ground of the epical story of Ramayana.
Lord Bramha had four sons (Manasa puthras) namely Sanaka, Sananda, Sanathana and Sanathkumara. They were very short in height (Midget or Lilliputian). They were very powerful Bramharshis. Bramharshi is one who has attained all the divine powers by doing concentrated meditation. They wanted to meet Lord Vishnu in his abode at Vaikunta. When they went and stood at the gate of Vaikunta, the watchmen namely Jaya and Vijaya refused to allow them inside, inspite of knowing them well. They were extremely angry and cursed the obstructers to take birth on the Earth. Jaya and Vijaya begged for their pardon but they did not forgive them. Then they fell at the feet of their Lord Vishnu and to show a way to suffer the curse. They were very much attached to their Master and sincere in their duty. Taking pity on them Lord Vishnu gave them an alternative option. They could take seven births on earth and be as His friends or take three births but be His bitter enemies. They preferred the latter choice as they wanted to complete the curse period as early as possible and as quick as permissible. Vishnu said Thathasthu (granted permission as they desired).
In their first birth in Kruthayuga they were born as Hiranya Kashipu and Hiranyaksha and got killed by Lord Vishnu in the incarnation of Lord Narasimha (Lion Headed God) and Lord Varaha Murthy (Boar headed god). In Threthayuga they were born as Ravana and Kumbakarna. The very object of taking incarnation as Sri Rama was to kill those demons and to relieve them of their curse but certainly not to enjoy the royal life as princes of powerful king. The act of Kaikeyi and the hunch-back maid were limited rolls to send Rama to forest so that he could achieve the object of his incarnation. Bharatha, his mother and her servant maid were only creators of cause of action to enable Rama to go to forest for the purpose for which He had come on earth as human being.
In Lanka the demon king Ravana proved to be the most powerful as he defeated Devendra, the king of gods and captured the heaven. Later his son Meghanada defeated Devendra as such he was nicknamed as Indrajithu (winner against Lord Indra the king of heaven). Indrajithu had a boon from Lord Brahma that he should not be killed by anyone except by a person who had not slept for fourteen years continuously. Laxmana the brother of Rama accompanied Rama to forest. At the time of leaving the palace his wife Urmila also wanted to follow him as Seetha was following Rama. Laxman did not agree and convinced her to remain in the palace and miraculously transferred his fourteen years sleep to her and he did not sleep for fourteen years and engaged himself in his sacred duty of guarding his elder brother and sister-in-law Seetha whom he revered as Mother. Consequently he attained eligibility prescription to kill Indrajithu in war. These are all the reasons for Rama, Seetha and Laxmana to go to forest in exile. Seetha had to be kidnapped by Ravana. That was the cause for Rama to kill Ravana. Otherwise he had no reason to kill Ravana. Thus we see a cause behind every event or episode in Ramayana.
Similar is the position in regard to other epic Mahabharata. In the next Dwaparayug Jaya and Vijaya were born as Danthavakra or Jarasanda and Sishupala and got killed by Lord Krishna.
When Rama left Ayodhya Bharatha and Sathrugna were not in the palace and they did not know the scheme of Kaikeyi. They were at their maternal grand-father’s palace at Kashmir. Bharatha learnt about banishment of Rama on returning to palace. He became furious and sworn to reverse the exile of Rama and condemned his mother and her maid. Bharatha, Sathrugna along with the royal families and the people of Ayodhya went to Chitrakoot to request Rama to return to Ayodhya and to accept the Crown of the kingdom. Bharatha never aspired for the kingship.
These three brothers (Laxman, Bharath and Sathrugna) were very much attached to Rama, their elder one. You know the reason? All these four brothers put together would make one Lord Vishnu. How could it be? Because in Vaikunta Rama is Vishnu, Laxmana is his bed-serpent, Adisesha, Bharatha is the disk (Vishnu chakra or Sudarshana) and Sathrugna is conch shell (Sanka). That was the divine welded attachment of relationship inborn in them.
The event of Kaikeyi's betrayal of her husband and demanding to perform his promise and to put Bharatha on the throne and banish Rama to forest for 14 years of exile were only dramatic events to enable Rama to achieve the object of his coming to earth as a human being.
Any amount of appeal, request and prayers yielded no fruit before Rama who did not budge for the tears of Bharatha. Then helplessly Bharatha asked for the wooden slippers of Rama and carried them on his head to Ayodhya. Bharatha built a small hermit at Nandigrama where he ruled Ayodhya as a representative of Rama. He used to worship the slippers of Rama placing them on the royal throne.
Coming back to Chitrakoot, Bharatha left many memorials bearing at Chitrakoot. The most important one is the Bharat Milap Temple which marks the spot where Bharatha met Rama and took his slippers. We can see the footprints of all of the four brothers here.
Bharatha had a desire and planned to celebrate the crowning ceremony at Chitrakoot itself. For that purpose he had collected holy waters from various sacred rivers and theerthas to use such mixture of water for the purpose of the intended ceremony which never took place since Rama refused to accept the request of Bharatha and others. However on the advice of Sage Athri Bharatha dug this well and poured all that holy water in the well for the well being of the people who may use it. The well remained as a memory of the Bharatha’s visit to Chitrakoot. It is called Bharath Koop. Koop means well.
Bharat Koop (well) is at the village Bharatpur in Chitrakoot of Uttar Pradesh in India. It is a massive well found at few kms West of Chitrakoot.
We can also see a temple of Lord Rama close to this well. Because of the Bharath Koop the village is called Bharatpur. The well is known as "Bharat Koop Holy Theertham". The pilgrims take bath in this well water (Theertham) to wash off all their sins so far accumulated.
Chitrakoot is a well known place for peaceful environment. I am sure you will enjoy your trip to Chitrakoot and the nature, rivers, hills, greenery and calmness. You wash your sins by taking bath in holy waters and attain a bit of spiritualism, increase your Bhakthi and don’t miss to visit waterfalls and spend atleast 3-4 days in the divine atmosphere.
Chitrakoot is well connected by road. There are regular bus services from Banda, Allahabad, Jhansi, Varanasi, Chhatarpur, Satna, Kanpur, Faizabad, Lucknow etc. The nearest railway station is Karvi at 8 km. The nearest airport is Khajuraho at about 180 km. There are good facilities for food and accommodation.
Written 22 stycznia 2015
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Nowe Delhi, Indie365 contributions
A Well Sacred Water
paź 2014 • Dla rodziny
Bharat Koop is a holy well situated at around 16 km from Chitrakoot Dham (Ram ghat) in Uttar Pradesh. Bharat Koop is an old well (kuan) that is regarded as a pilgrim place for Hindus. According to the story of Ramayana, Bharat had taken water of all the holy pilgrim places to crown Lord Ram as the king was Ayodhya. when he went to persuade Ram to go back Ayodhya and accept the throne. Lord Ram did not accept the throne and Bharat became the caretaker of the kingdom. Then Bharat asked Atri Muni what to do with the water that he had brought. Atri Muni told that the holy water should be put in the mytholgical holy Koop and from that day the koop would be known as Bharat Koop. Tulsidas writes in RamCharit Manas - Bharat koop kahihain sab logaa . ati pavtra paawan jal jogaa. An old temple of Bharat is constructed here and by the side an other temple of the four brothers (Charo Bhaiyon ka Mandir) People may be seen taking a bath by fetching water in buckets.
It is almost a must visit for Hindu piligrims. One can reach there by private taxis or Three Wheelers that are easily available on booking basis. Three Wheelers charge Rs- 400-500 while taxis around 800/- The road condition is not very good so it takes around 2 hr in to and fro. Enroute one can also see Ram Sayya where he used to sleep during his exile.
Written 16 października 2014
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